Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Washington Did Not Receive Local Dem's Memo

   The  Watauga Democrat reported that at their recent convention, the local Democrats passed a resolution "opposing the use of drones." My first reaction was "Does that mean they prefer to send their kids to do the job, rather than let machines do it?"

 Then last week I saw pictures of a large number of Yemen al qaeda leaders just blatantly walking down the road in plain sight.   I thought, "I’ll bet they saw the resolution by our local Democrats opposing drones and now think it is safe for them."

Then today, a drone killed 55 of these Yemen al qaeda at which point I thought, "I guess the leaders in Washington did not receive the memo from the Watauga County Democrats."  Today

Monday, April 21, 2014

Winston-Salem Journal Endorses Virginia Foxx

Editorial: 2014 endorsements: 5th and 12th congressional districts - Winston-Salem Journal: Editorials

Foxx Earns Nickname "Hardest Worker"

Dear Friends,

The May 6th Primary Election is rapidly approaching.  My reputation for
getting the job done means I've earned the nickname of
 "The Hardest Working Member of Congress" by my peers.
 The conservative values and priorities that you want to see
 in Congress are the same ones that I will continue to
 represent in Washington.  I appreciate the opportunity
 this great nation has given me to represent you and thank
God for the blessings of liberty with which he endowed our nation.  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dems In Distress - Another guilty plea...........(ho-hum)

A prominent New York hotel magnate who was a top bundler for then-Sen. Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign pled guilty in federal court Thursday to making more than $180,000 in illegal campaign contributions and to witness tampering.
Sant Chatwal, 70, admitted using employees and vendors for his hotels as straw donors to avoid limits dictated by campaign finance law. Investigators also recorded Chatwal telling an associate not to admit that donations were reimbursed, court papers say.
"Without [donations] nobody will even talk to you," Chatwal said in a recorded conversation, according to a criminal information filed in lieu of an indictment in the case (and posted here). "When they are in need of money [unintelligible] the money you give then they are always for you.That's the only way to buy them, get into the system." (See POLITICO Article here)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Health News Hospital blames Obamacare for 25% cut in nurses’ pay

From Charlotte's WCNC

GASTONIA, N.C. – A number of nurses at a hospital in Gastonia will soon be losing 25-percent of their pay.
CaroMont Health says the change in pay is because of the new Affordable Care Act.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dems In Distress...Hoosier Version

 They Just CAN'T Help themselves!

From Indianapolis Star
MUNCIE — Delaware County Treasurer John Dorer was arrested Monday on 47 criminal charges that accuse him of repeatedly mishandling, and in one instance stealing, county funds.
Dorer, 50, Muncie, surrendered to Indiana State Police investigators on Monday afternoon, less than an hour after Delaware County Prosecutor Jeffrey Arnold's office filed the charges — 44 counts of failure to properly deposit public funds, and individual counts of theft, official misconduct and conversion — in Delaware Circuit Court 1.
Dorer — a Democrat elected treasurer in 2008 and re-elected four years later — was being held in the Delaware County jail under a $400,000 bond.

NC Economy Improving Under Republican Leadership

 From Civitas Review

"Today not only marks tax day, but also the release of the 7th Edition of Rich States, Poor States; an annual publication co-authored by economists Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore and produced by the American Legislative Exchange Council. The book "analyzes the effects of current state fiscal policies within each state and ranks the states according to their potential for economic growth."
Thanks largely to last year's tax reform legislation, North Carolina's economic outlook ranking in the book shot up from 22nd to 6th. The climb in rankings was the largest of any state this year.
Gov. McCrory spoke at a press conference this afternoon to highlight the positive impact last year's tax reform is having across the state. According to a press release from his office:
“Whether you are a police officer in Fayetteville, a teacher in Charlotte, a hospital nurse in Carteret County, or truck driver in Reidsville, many North Carolinians are seeing more money in their paychecks thanks to the historic tax reform we crafted and signed into law,” said Governor McCrory. “Not only does this help working families across our state, it also puts North Carolina in a much more competitive position to attract new businesses.”

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Politifax Checks out Claim by Virginia Foxx

Politifax, The Tampa Times Pulitizer Prize winning feature, checks out claims by politicians and rates them on it's Truth-O-Meter.

Recently, they checked out Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's claim that "it takes Americans 6.1 Billion hours to prepare their taxes!

The Truth-o-meter says..............TRUE!

Tax day has come around again, and with it a startling claim about the amount of time Americans spend doing their taxes each year.
According to U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., it takes United States taxpayers a total of 6.1 billion hours to file their taxes. That adds up to more than 695,000 years.
"6.1 Billion hours a year, just to figure out how much money the government is going to take," she said in a post on Twitter.
We had to check to see if this number could possibly be accurate. (See Full Story Here)

VENT PAGE XC - Celebrating The Gay Nineties


yada ....yada...yada....

OK....as Vent Pages go this is probably not what you expected - But it does give us an opportunity to enjoy this very interesting film shared with us by the OKLAHOMA HISTORICAL SOCIETY...and, since our regular readers know the normal vent page drill....we will just post this and move on!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Britt Springer on "Leave of Absence" from DA's Office?

We started hearing rumors over the weekend that Assistant District Attorney Britt Springer is absent from her job at the District Attorney's office. Springer, a candidate for District Attorney, is - according to some rumors, currently on Leave Without Pay. We stress that this information has not been officially confirmed and, as far as we can tell, no announcements regarding any absence have been made.

We haven't verified the information yet but have begun to hear it from enough sources that we believe it to be credible. Springer was, according to one source, scheduled to prosecute a homicide case in Yancey county Monday but did not appear there as scheduled. Allegedly,  newly appointed interim District Attorney Bob Orr appeared instead

We have NO word on whether  Springer's rumored absence is a voluntary one or not. As soon as we hear any additional information we will post an update.
(Corrected 4/28 to correct Madison county to read Yancey county)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dem Candidate Mike Dickenson VS Greta..............War on Fox News?

Dickenson has stated that, when elected, he will "wage war on Fox News"......

I doubt Fox News is too worried.

I rarely see the Greta Van Susteren program.....Here she takes on a lying Democrat and he ADMITS he lied ....Which, I suppose, makes him more honest than MOST Democrat candidates!.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Krauthammer's World Class Whiner.

Charles Krauthammer tonight reminded Holder that Attorney General Mitchell went to prison and one president was impeached.  Holder's insinuation that everything is about race makes him a world class whiner.

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ON CAMPUS....Well, as long as the Adminstration agrees......

Long time poster "Nobody" recently offered an interesting comment on our latest Vent Page...

Nobody said...
On the topic of liberal tyranny and suppression of views they don't like, Brandeis University in Mass recently invited women's rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree and speak at commencement. Following protests led by students, faculty and liberal outside groups, the university rescinded its invitation. Seems that liberals concluded that her advocacy for women's rights in Islamic states constituted "Islamophobia!" I wonder, how do liberals decide whcn to support women and when to persecute them? Which group trumps the other in their support heiroarchy? Apparently in this case, support for Islamists trumped

Thursday, April 10, 2014


President Obama's proposal for a 2015 budget was defeated yesterday in the House of Representatives. by a 413 to 2 margin. The two "yes" votes came from Reps. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) and Jim Moran (D-Va.).

Obama supporters quickly pointed out that the trend was up and the vote was a  major improvement over last years vote on Obama's 2014 budget which was unanimously defeated. Yep...ZERO yes votes.

President Obama Consults With Budget Advisers Shorty Before House Vote

Judge Orr to be Interim District Attorney

Judge Orr to be Interim     Judge Orr Sworn In