Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This Man Has Probably Done More For Academic Freedom and 1st Amendment Rights than ANY professor in the UNC SYSTEM...

It must just be an oversight that the liberals at ASU haven't mentioned him! can't be because of his CONSERVATIVE views! .......Can it?

If you are not familiar with Dr Adams, You might want to  Google him and read up on his lawsuit against UNCW...You should also find his columns on TownHall.COM worth reading! (LINK) 

Getting Even Closer

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kaye Hagan and True Love Today 08/26/2014

Will Obama and Holder investigate THIS hate crime?

A rural Mississippi man suffered life-threatening injuries and required brain surgery after he entered a Waffle House despite receiving a warning not to enter the restaurant because of the color of his skin.
The severe beating occurred early Sunday morning around 2 a.m., reports The Clarion-Ledger. Up to 20 assailants participated.
The injured man is Ralph Weems IV, a veteran of the Iraq War and a marine. He is white.
The altercation began at about 1 a.m. when Weems and a friend, David Knighten, chose to go inside the Waffle House. They made this decision after a man in the parking lot diplomatically suggested that they should leave because the patrons inside were angry about the Aug. 9 police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Thus, the unidentified man explained, the restaurant would not be a safe place for two white people.

Monday, August 25, 2014


North Carolina businesses will see lower taxes
Unemployment Debt Drops by Nearly $2 Billion

The unemployment insurance debt owed to the federal government by North Carolina has dropped by nearly $2 billion under the reforms implemented by Governor Pat McCrory.

After recent tax collections, that debt now stands at $597 million, down from the $2.5 billion owed by North Carolina when Governor McCrory took office in January 2013. 

“I am proud of the hard work that Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary of Employment Security Dale Folwell and his team have done to lower this burdensome debt,” said Governor Pat McCrory. “By paying off this debt early, North Carolina businesses will see lower taxes, making it easier for them to hire more workers and boost our state’s economy. While this is great news, we must continue to pursue policies that will help attract jobs and new investment to North Carolina,” continued McCrory.

The debt was incurred when the state’s unemployment trust fund ran out of funds in February 2009. North Carolina had to borrow from the federal government to pay for regular unemployment benefits and racked up a debt as high as $2.8 billion. Since 2011, North Carolina has had to pay interest on this debt. With a projected interest payment of $37 million on September 30 of this year, North Carolina’s employers will have paid nearly $262 million in interest payments alone over the past four years.

Initial estimates had the debt being paid off by November 2015. Now the state looks to have it paid off by August of that year.

“It’s not enough to pay it off. We need to build a surplus and keep the trust fund solvent,” said Assistant Secretary Folwell. “This will give employers certainty about the cost of doing business in North Carolina. With the debt paid off, our state will be more attractive to employers who want to move here and create jobs.”

Sunday, August 24, 2014

VENT PAGE XCV - The Vent Page That Can Go Either Way!

Just like our Eatern US' main North/South Interstate, Vent Pages can go either way! We offer this, our 95th VENT PAGE not just in tribute to our overcrowded N/S corridor - but also in recognition of the frequent PileUps, Rear end collisions and head on crashes that seem to occur with some frequency not just on the Interstate, but on our Vent Pages as well

95 VENT PAGES and still going strong!

Vent pages are handy for posting of off-topic posts, rants, raves, rages, etc, which might not be appropriate on other threads where adults are having serious discussions. Childish rant? Need to call another poster a name? Just feel like spouting off? Or even if you have something to say and there doesn't seem to be any other logical place to say it....THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Traveling 1/2 mile to vote DOESN'T violate constitution! State Board of Elections Approves Watauga Early Voting Plan

It's hard to understand exactly what "plan" Democrat BOE member Kathleen Campbell attempted to "sell" to the State Board of Elections in  Raleigh today...An interesting article in the High Country Press indicates that the "plan" by Campbell was rejected by the State board by a 4 to 1 margin and that the majority plan was approved with an amendment to increase early voting hours at the County Admin Building.

What makes this a little difficult is that, as far as we can determine, Campbell had made at least THREE separate submissions to the SBOE...EACH ONE PURPORTING TO BE "HER" PLAN...and each one allegedly discussed at the July 23 meeting of the Watauga County Board of Elections. Campbell submitted a "plan" on July 25th claiming that it had been discussed at the 7/23 meeting, This plan called for early voting sites at the Watauga County Admin Building; Plemmons Student Union; Blowing Rock Town  Hall; Foscoe Fire Department and the Meat Camp Fire Department.

Apparently, on July 28th Campbell decided that actually WASN'T her plan - and submitted a second plan claiming that IT was the plan discussed at the July 23rd meeting. In THIS plan, Campbell claimed that the "real" plan was for early voting sites at the county Admin bldg: the Student Union; Blowing Rock Town Hall; Western Watauga Community Center;Meat Camp Fire Dept; and the Deep Gap Fire Department.

Finally.....on July 31, Campbell submitted a THIRD plan....also alleged to be the plan which she had presented at the July 23 meeting. In this THIRD plan the early voting sites were to be the same as what she had presented in her July 28 version...but with DIFFERENT hours than were initially proposed.

It doesn't look like even Ms Campbell knows what plan, or plans, she had presented on July 23rd. This may be because Ms Campbell was likely presenting plans prepared by others and which she herself did not fully understand.

It may well be that she is  herself receiving contradictory information from her "advisors"....At one point at the July 23rd BOE meeting - Campbell claimed that "WE" had worked very hard on the plan.....When she was asked who she meant by "we", she quickly backtracked.

Perhaps Mrs Campbell will be more forthcoming if and when she is ever called to testify under oath about her activities on the Watauga County Board of Elections.

New York Daily News on Obama's War

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

County Commissioners Get Earfull from ETJ Casualties

“I am a hard working mother who bought my house in ETJ for the protections in raising my children.  Now we have lost that security.”   “We were part of stopping polluting industries in our community, but now we feel endangered.”  “No one asked us.  No public hearings were ever held.”  “My home is the major asset I have and now its value is at risk.”  “My neighbors and I love our little neighborhood and now we feel threatened.”  Such were the themes in comment after comment at the public hearing on ETJ tonight before the County Commissioners

Well over 100 people packed the room with almost no standing room left.   One real estate agent announced she already felt duty bound to inform potential buyers that anything from a mall to a factory to high density apartments could now be built next to them.   Others wondered why “just us” in the whole state.  Some hinted they felt Souceks’ un-asked-for action was done for one small group at the expense of all the rest of us.

The sense of having been betrayed permeated the room.  

Although there were a few ambiguous comments, by the time I left to write this, only one person, other than Jeff Templeton, spoke definitely in favor of what had been done to us by stripping us of ETJ protections.

Many feeling the damage had already been done, used the meeting to make constructive suggestions to the Commissioners.  A good many asked for a moratorium of at least two years.  They wanted the time to see work done on regulations controlling polluting industries.  They wanted the county to create guidelines for high-population-impact building in the former ETJ.  Others were concerned about flooding that could come from abolishing the steep slope regulations.  One geologist who had studied this problem asked to be put on any committee formed by the Commissioners to take action.  Others demanded that in the future, before anyone takes such harmful actions like this abolishing of ETJ, that there must be public hearings.

As to Jeff Templeton, he did suggest that the commissioners could come up with something like zoning, such as regulations to protect those sub-communities who have lost their protections. 

Because I had worked so hard to get Soucek elected, King David’s plaint keeps running through my head: “Even my own familiar friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted up his heel against me.” (Psalm 41:9)

The Local Republican Party will be having a meet and greet Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Deep Gap Fire Department. There will be free food such as hotdogs, chips, and cookies. Come one come all.

Monday, August 18, 2014

More Than 700,000 NC Voters Missing

AUG 18, 2014–RALEIGH, NC—The Voter Integrity Project announced today that North Carolina’s statewide election rolls now contain 739,041 voter registrations from people the election officials can no longer find.
Missing Voters.JPG“These missing voters are mostly people who moved away without telling the election office,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of VIP, “but the alarming recent growth in this voter category points to a more systemic problem.”
There were 460,065 such voters at the beginning of 2007, but that number has exploded to 739,041 (a 62.3 percent growth) since then.  The only negative growth since then was in 2012, when VIP discovered nearly 30,000 deceased persons registered to vote.
“In an artfully deceptive ploy, election officials named these missing voters ‘inactive,’” DeLancy said, “implying they just sat out an election or two, but these people are genuinely missing and the public has been kept in the dark.”


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Vent Page XCIV - It Doesn't Have To Make Sense....

The features of the  Russian made AN-94 ASSAULT rifle are thoroughly explained by the narrator in the YouTube video here. While we don't always understand what the narrator says, he does seem to somehow make his point. That's a lot like our Vent Pages....the comments don't always make sense but sometimes the poster's point is made anyhow!

This is our 94th Vent Page.
Vent pages are handy for posting of off-topic posts, rants, raves, rages, etc, which might not be appropriate on other threads where adults are having serious discussions. Childish rant? Need to call another poster a name? Just feel like spouting off? Or even if you have something to say and there doesn't seem to be any other logical place to say it....THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU!

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Sen Kay Hagan Vowed to Oppose Amnesty in 2008, then Voted for 'Gang of Eight' Bill Anyway

Hagan opposed amnesty when she was running against E. Dole.....but look at her voting record for the nearly 6 years she has been in the US Senate!

Sen. Kay Hagan's (D-NC) position on immigration seems to correlate with how close she is to facing voters at the ballot box.

“I oppose amnesty,” Hagan said during a June 21, 2008 debate against then-incumbent Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC):
We have got to secure the border. This too is one of the biggest domestic issues facing our country today, and we’re very late to the plate to do something about it. We’ve got to have more border security patrol officers. We’ve got to do what’s necessary to secure it, whether it’s a fence in certain places, whether it’s technology, whether we use aerial drones and sensors, secure the border.
Hagan made stopping illegal immigration a major issue in her campaign. “If we don’t do that [secure the border first], the number [of illegal immigrants] is going to get larger,” Hagan said in September 2008, according to local news outlet WRAL. “That’s where I want to start.”
In a May 29, 2008 campaign press release, Hagan’s then-spokeswoman Colleen Flanagan said that illegal immigration is “an economic and national security crisis that has only gotten worse since Senator Dole has been in Washington.”
“No one in North Carolina believes that since Elizabeth Dole was elected, enough has been done to tighten the borders, turn off the jobs magnet luring illegal workers here, or increase enforcement of the laws on the books by getting tough on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers,” Flanagan said in that 2008 Hagan campaign press release. She added, “What Senator Dole is campaigning on amounts to a band-aid solution to a massive federal problem of her own creation.”
But once Hagan was elected into the U.S. Senate in 2008, during the first major immigration debate she faced—in 2013—she voted in contravention of both of those principles. The Senate “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, S. 744, granted amnesty to illegal aliens in America—legal status immediately, then citizenship eventually—and critics assailed its border security provisions as ineffective. Hagan voted for the final passage of that bill, and helped it through a series of procedural hurdles in the Senate.
During the amendment process for the bill,

See full Breitbart article here

McCrory Calls Out N&O For Misleading story...

Raleigh, N.C. - Governor Pat McCrory released the following statement today:

This morning, the Raleigh News and Observer ran a blaring, top of the fold account of a story that overstates, misleads and gives a false impression that I did something ethically wrong regarding my Statement of Economic Interest filing. In fact, just the opposite occurred.

I truthfully disclosed that I had divested my retirement savings of any utility stocks before April 15, 2014 on my required ethics (SEI) forms. Not only did I do this on this form, but I notified the media at that time that I submitted the report and the media first reported it several months ago.

The form was filled out based on an interpretation from my legal counsel that the information should be current as of April 15, 2014. Following his discussion with staff for the State Ethics Commission, it was clarified that disclosure should be based upon ownership as of December 31, 2013. When we determined our interpretation was incorrect, we immediately took steps to correct it.  The utility stocks were divested to stop the constant, repeated, false and unfounded political rhetoric challenging my character via the media.

I am proud of my public and private record of accomplishment and high ethical standards.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How Many Clowns Does It Take To Screw Up A Council....?

And, how many times does the Town Council have to decide the same thing? (You can't make this stuff up!)
Members of Boone Town Council inspecting property for rezoning

From HCPress

Commission Recommends Rezoning of Downtown Parcels for Third Time? What Will Council Do This Time?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 3:41 pm
town-of-boone-logo2 seal
For the third time in four years, the Boone Area Planning Commission has recommended that the Boone Town Council rezone two properties in downtown Boone – 302 and 316 W. King Street – from B-2 neighborhood business to B-1 central business. Read more…