Sunday, April 26, 2015

No Pharisees Down Here--Blogger Responds to Anonymous

   An Anonymous commenter wrote: "Just because Jesus didn't directly say something is a sin doesn't mean it is not a sin. . ." Quoting Jesus, he continued: "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets." Continuing, the writer asks: " How can we preach the need to repent and turn away from sin if we cannot call sin a sin?"

It sounded like a protest to something on the blog. So I am responding. Anonymous, we just had the discussion of the 667 "sins." Right now, for me, there is only one sin I am really interested in--the first one–the mother of all sins–the one that forever broke the intimate fellowship between us and God in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2 and 3).

How I came to that is that when the Holy Spirit of Jesus entered me, literally knocking me to the floor half unconscious, I began to realize, "Intimate fellowship is being restored!"

From then on, whatever sins I need to deal with are my specific ones which disturb intimacy with Him. As you may know He communicate those that are pertinent to me by an internal "voice" as well as by impressions, dreams and Scriptures which I began to learn to recognize as Him.

Of the Pharisees, Jesus charged: "They crush people with unbearable religious demands." (Matt 23:4 NLT) On my blog then, I don’t want anyone to connect me with the Pharisees.






Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blogger Responds to Reader HM

  A regular commenter on the blog, who goes by the nom de plume Happily Married, asked me the following question: "Blogger, as a priest, maybe you have some insight as to the many examples of violence contained in the Bible - and how those examples are interpreted?" He also included one of the verses as an illustration.

HM, you could not have known this, but that was the exact question (but with different example) asked me at my ordination oral exam. I thought I was doomed! At that time, I panicked and to this day I don’t even know what I said. But my answer was good enough for one of the theological professors to later write an article about it. Me, I still don’t know what I said. But as you can imagine, I have spent a lot of my life still working on that question. As we preachers say, "There is the sermon we prepared–the sermon we delivered–and the perfect sermon we preached driving home."

HM, as you know, the Bible consists of two covenants. For me, the first covenant tells the story of the Israelites traveling through and then settling in a very spiritually infected land of fallen Elohims (gods). At times, God even had them decontaminate entire areas. The analogy of cleaning up an infection of hoof and mouth disease comes to me. Everything had to go.

The whole story then radically changes for the second covenant. Once it was possible for the Spirit of Jesus to inhabit individuals, all the cleansing takes place interiorly. In the new covenant, we are not given a single example of violence. That is, until we get to the Book of Revelation. There the violence is between the Elohims.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

High Tax States Losing Population! Dick Morris

Congratulations Matt!!

  Congratulations to Matthew Snyder  appointed as Watauga Board of Elections Director. Matt is a very decent young man who will bring continuing integrity to the position. It was a shame such a nice guy had to be abused by people who just can’t take losses in stride.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

White Privelege and Appalachian State University

   As I pulled my Watauga Democrat from my mail box, glaring headlines greeted me__WHITE NATIONALIST GROUPS TARGET ASU. I thought "Oh, lordy, skin heads have attacked the university!"

But before I could settle down and read the article,  O'Reilly came on with his talking points. I listened while he said: " "Joining 'white privilege' is a new piece of far-left propaganda called 'white suppression.' Basically the anti-American zealots are trying to convince people that we have an unjust society and that we need a complete overhaul in our political and economic systems. White privilege and suppression will be a big issue in the upcoming presidential campaign, even if those terms are not openly used. So let's get down to it. The other night I said, If you are a Christian or a white man in the USA it's open season on you".

Then I finally had time to read the article in the  Democrat  which said: "Appalachian State University leaders this week removed fliers posted on campus by white nationalist groups . . ." According to a leader of the nationalist group  the fliers were a direct "response to a "Check Your Privilege" bulletin board in an ASU dorm that garnered attention last month.

Apparently there was an earlier display on campus instructing viewers to "Check Your Privilege" — "an expression reminding a person to consider her or his own advantages in life when considering another person’s plight. It also gave examples of what the board creator deemed to be privileges of those who are white, male, heterosexual, cisgender (opposite of transgender), Christian, able-bodied or upper class, accompanied by satirical memes." Faculty members also held a forum on "privilege".

It was not clear from the article if the group posting the flyers were students or not. If they are a group of students on campus pushing back against the new "privilege" movement, then things would be getting interesting at ASU. Meanwhile, I am pondering why the Watauga Democrat chose the words "TARGET ASU" with such big headlines to describe what appears to be an honest debate.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Congratulations, Free at Last!

 Tax Freedom Day is the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its federal, state, and local tax bill for the year." For North Carolinians it’s a few days earlier. I’ll bet you thought what you earned so far was yours. Well, it wasn’t.  It's the governments!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

People are Fleeing High-Tax States

   Newsmax's "Americans Fleeing High-Tax States" excerpts.

New York State suffered a net loss of 1.5 million people between 2004 and 2013. It’s marginal personal income tax rate is the second-highest in the nation.

California has the highest tax rate, 13.3 percent. 1.4 million people departed.

States with low taxes

Monday, April 13, 2015

Free from 667 "sins"

   A regular commenter on this blog calling himself? herself? Happily Married, posted a mischievous link 667sins  listing a total of 667 "sins" found in the Bible. After seeing that list, I thank God that He took St. Paul up to Heaven and told him to come back and tell us "for you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God's grace." (Rom 6:14 NIV)

One day in 1981, while heading home on Poplar Grove Rd.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

This is the Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy

  The second Sunday after Easter is  Sunday of Divine Mercy in the Church. The story of that day is one of the most fascinating in the history of our faith. It begins with Jesus appearing to a young nun named Faustina (fortunate one) who had less than a third grade education. He told her He wanted her to:
Establish the First Sunday after Easter for the celebration of His Divine Mercy throughout the Church.
Have a portrait made of Him, the image of which He revealed to her, that would remind people of His Divine Mercy everywhere.
To have a special prayer recited on the Rosary beads  allowing Him to pour His Divine Mercy into all who would receive it.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bad Deal or War, False Choice

Regarding the Iranian Hobson’s Choice the president gave us between a bad deal or war, my favorite columnist Peggy Noonan   points out a third choice. Quoting K.T, McFarlane of Fox News she wrote, "Our policy . . . should not be Obama-style capitulation or Bush-style war," but increasing political pressure through increased economic sanctions. More than 70% of Iranians are under age 30, McFarlane noted. "How long will they tolerate being ruled by a handful of 80-year-old mullahs, who have pushed their economy into free fall?" (Emphasis mine)

Also, in that same article she

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Are There Still Elohims Who Want to Destroy Us?

In our Old Testament, Yahweh instructs the Israelites that there are Elohims (gods) who are inspiriting their enemies. That they will try to wipe the Israelites off the map. He tells them though, if the Israelites will stay connected to Him, He can always deliver them from their enemies. However, if they disconnect from Him and even connect with any other Elohim, He will deliver them into the hands of their enemies. The Old Testament is the story of the consequences of Israel's failure to heed Him, which lead to their ultimate destruction.

When I saw in the news that the two women arrested for planning to bomb New York were quoted as saying: "There are plenty of ways to please our Elohim right here in the US." I heard echos of Biblical times. First, I have to hope there is not an Elohim who is pleased by our annihilation. I also hope there are not many more of people like those women, in our country.

But what if they know what they are talking about? What if there is an Elohim or Elohims who are pleased to see us blown to bits? Then where are we? Well then, we know from the Bible that you cannot fight Elohims in the natural. It has to be done in the supernatural. Natural weapons are not enough.

So following our Bible, the Jews have got to connect with their Elohim. Right now most of them are not. (Estimated 13% only).

Then coming to our New Testament we learn that our Elohim, through His Son, was able to empower us Christians with supernatural powers against the Elohims.

Our problem today is that the Israelites have disconnected from Yahweh and the Christians have forgotten what Jesus empowered them to do.(distracted by other activities)

So, we have to hope that the two young women don’t know what they are talking about. Otherwise, we are up a proverbial creek, literally without any proverbial paddle.

He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why I stayed in the Closet as a Conservative Until Near Retirement


Quotes from articles posted by Nobody
           Article posted by Nobody

"Personally, liberal students scare the shit out of me. I know how to get conservative students to question their beliefs and confront awful truths, and I know that, should one of these conservative students make a facebook page calling me a communist or else seek to formally protest my liberal lies, the university would have my back. I would not get fired for pissing off a Republican, so long as I did so respectfully, and so long as it happened in the course of legitimate classroom instruction.

The same cannot be said of liberal students. All it takes is one slip—not even an outright challenging of their beliefs, but even momentarily exposing them to any uncomfortable thought or imagery—and that’s it, your classroom is triggering, you are insensitive, kids are bringing mattresses to your office hours and there’s a twitter petition out demanding you chop off your hand in repentance."