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Saturday, July 14, 2018


The Democrats with their Trump/Russian collusion hoax have given Putin an advantage. All Putin has to say is-- "Yes, I colluded with Trump to get him elected and here is the proof of what I did." It, of course, would be a lie but Putin knows truth does not matter in Democrat politics. The Democrats have aided Putin in propaganda if Putin wants to use it. It's his ace in the hole totally provided by John Podesta and Deep State and those who suffered TDS. As usual, the Left plays right into the hands of despots.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I Wanted Trump to Go With the Woman

   Trump has picked his Supreme Court judge.  My money had been on Judge Amy Barrett.  Mostly, I wanted her there to see if she could inspire Obama’s two  light-weight women on the Court to be real judges. 

 I even went so far as to prepare my blog article of support.

I was especially angered when I read that the Looney Left were painting Judge Barrett as a member of a cult.  So first, let’s dismiss the cult claim.  A Christian cult is one in which the members allow their leader to control their interpretation of Scripture

Having taken care of the cult issue, let’s look at the group the Judge did belong to--the Catholic

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Vent pages are handy for posting of off-topic posts, rants, raves, rages, etc, which might not be appropriate on other threads where adults are having serious discussions. Childish rant? Need to call another poster a name? Just feel like spouting off? Or even if you have something to say and there doesn't seem to be any other logical place to say it. 



 GuyFaulkes- Correct me if I'm wrong--- the video in this link is exactly what you were writing about regarding the use of deadly force in the post about the Liberal who assaulted and stole from a minor due to his intolerance.

Saturday, July 7, 2018


This Democrat was arrested and charged with a state felony. I was afraid the minor 16 year old Jimenez assaulted would not press charges. Apparently he did and now the Democrat has to bail out of jail on a felony. Hopefully he will lose his right to vote in Texas and will enjoy his time with so many of his fellow Democrats in a privately owned state prison facility. He supposedly is a bouncer (security) at a bar. In Texas, to be paid as a bouncer you must have a security guard license. That's gone, job gone, soon freedom gone, but wait... Democrats will donate to his jail commissary account. After all, he was just following orders.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Obama for Supreme Court

Posted by Sarkazien

America Is Great Again


President Trump’s approval rating on his second Independence Day is at 48% with likely voters.

He now has a 90% approval by Republicans. And that is with 90% negative coverage from the far left mainstream media.

And after a month of anti-ICE protests by Democrats, President Trump jumped 10 points with Hispanics in the recent Harris-Harvard poll.

Trump Derangement Syndrome Changed It

Posted by Sarkazein.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Email Sent to Fox Business Pundits

Fox Business News including Cavuto, Dobbs and Banderas):

 Right now you are not being fair and balanced about President Trump’s tariff plans. You present many hand wringing, weak-kneed chicken littles, wailing "the sky is falling." You shed tears over Harley Davidson, GM and others. You weep that Americans are not ready to suffer any coming end of the world.

What you are not telling us is how we, the 700 lb gorilla are, and will be, putting a world of hurt on our unfair competitors as well as who they are. You also are not explaining what fair trade vs free trade looks like .

I watch Fox a lot of the time. Am I going to have to subscribe to foreign publications to really find out specifically who we are affecting?

Right now, I am counting on your listeners to be smarter than your pundits. After all, we cut through the fake newsers. That’s why we watch Fox.

Give us a break and tell us the real story.

Saturday, June 30, 2018


News reports say the police arrived within 60 seconds at the Annapolis newspaper. In that "60 seconds" five innocent people lost their lives. A crazed murderer gunned down these unarmed people right in front of many other unarmed people. Maryland is one of the harshest anti-Second Amendment states. The only thing shorter than 60 seconds is having an armed policeman with you or your company at all times.
We are the first line of defense and unless you are a master in edged weapons, the only thing that is going to save you or your friends and family in that 60 seconds is the luck of the draw, the goodness of the heart of the shooter, or your own gun.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Trump Trumps Obama

  Readers of this blog will know that from the day of Trump announced his candidacy, I said that God had revealed to me that Trump would be our president.  God is known for His sense of humor.  So here it is: God picked a man named Trump to Trump the destructive policies of his predecessor.