Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or Just Forget It?

Each year it becomes harder on Christians in this country to celebrate their holiday. Merry Christmas must become Happy Holidays. We are told there are now other important days which should be given equal time, or else there should be no time for any.

Here are the three main December Holidays. What do they celebrate and do the significance of these days demand equality of recognition?

Hanukkah celebrates the victory (165 BCE) of the Maccabees.

Kwanzaa celebrates “a cultural message which speaks to the best of what it means to be African.”

Christmas celebrates the day the Creator of the Universe visited His creation.

Axelrod: Jeb Bush Would Be 'Formidable' Opponent to Hillary

  Former Florida Republican Gov. Jeb Bush could be a "formidable candidate" for president in 2016 in a matchup against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Democratic strategist David Axelrod told MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

"If Jeb Bush can get through a Republican primary without trimming his sails on the issues ... he will be a very formidable general election candidate.

"The problem is, in order to get the nomination, [previous candidates] had to make Faustian bargains on issues that towed them to the right," Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, said Tuesday.

"If Jeb sticks to his guns on these issues, he's got tremendous appeal to the Hispanic community," he said.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Court to Hear Boone Case on ETJ

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Friday, December 12, 2014

From Rep. Foxx

My priorities for next year include continuing to fight for transparency
 and accountability in government. That is why the first bill I intend to 
introduce in the 114th Congress is the Unfunded Mandates Information
 and Transparency Act, which would improve transparency and public
 disclosure of the true cost—in dollars and in jobs—that federal dictates 
pose to the economy. I have offered this legislation in the past four 
Congresses, and it has successfully passed the House with bipartisan 
support on three separate occasions, only to be ignored by the Senate. 
My hope is that next year will be different.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gov McCrory Joins Others Against Obama Lawlessness

Gov McCory Joins Others Against Obama Overeach

Are Democrats Extinct in North Carolina?

Or Just An Endangered Species........?

Saturday's defeat of  Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu for a fourth term in the US Senate not only gives Republicans a 54 seat majority in the US Senate - but, also means that not a single Deep South state is represented by a  Democrat US Senator  Nor is there a single Democrat governor left in the Deep South....and not a single Deep South state legislature is controlled by Democrats

But, it probably isn't the end of the Democrat party!

From News and Observer
— The ailing Democratic Party, its stature as a national party teetering, appears poised to be staggered again Saturday if underdog Sen. Mary Landrieu loses her bid for re-election as expected in Louisiana.
The likely win by Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy in a runoff election would complete a near-sweep this year of Southern Senate seats and governorships, in 10 of the 11 states of the old Confederacy. The Democrats’ only victory was in Virginia, where Sen. Mark Warner barely survived a stunning surge by Republican Ed Gillespie".
  (click here for full article)

The map looks pretty red.....and Wataugan's will pretty much be represented by a 100% Republican  government from the county commission up to and including the US Senate. We expect that, after the 2016 elections, we will also likely control the White House.

But let's not get too confidant! It wasn't just the popularity of the Republican platform that won this election so convincingly. It was as much a rejection of the Democrat party as it was an endorsement of the GOP!

 Look at a few  possible reasons for GOP Victories!

Nationally....Barack Obama has lost the support and confidence of the majority of US voters! Poll after poll has his job performance numbers at all time lows. For a time, any criticism of Obama was quieted by lefty cries of "racism" - as if Obama critics could not possibly disagree with him on policy and any disagreement must, by definition, be racist. After 6 years of Obama however, the tide has turned; more people than ever are seeing the damage being done to the country by Obama policies and by Obama's governing as if the constitution did not apply to him.

Widespread Republican victories in November can be largely attributed to a voter backlash against Obama. Even Kay Hagan, one of his biggest supporters, tried to distance herself from Obama and turned instead to Bill Clinton for help in her campaign. (After the election, Hagan blamed Obama for not helping Dems more).

Also...Facts matter.

 The Hagan campaign relied in large part on misleading voters. Her main themes misrepresented the actual facts.Her claims that Republicans had cut NC Educational budgets, to her assertions that her opponent Thom Tillis had cut taxes on yachts and airplanes, were exposed time and time again as falsehoods and exaggerations. As election day neared and undecided voters began to start paying attention, they quickly found the real facts....that Republicans had increased education spending by over a BILLION dollars since taking over from Dems; That Dems, in their final years in charge of the legislature, had - in fact- actually cut education funding from 2008 levels; and finally, that the tax "cuts" on yachts, etc were not cut by the Republican legislature but rather had occurred under prior Dem control!

While Republican success this election exceeded the most optimistic forecasts, let's hope that the party recognizes that the victory was not totally an endorsement of the GOP. Nationally, the unpopularity of Barack Obama must certainly be given major credit for the Republican victories. Locally, voters turning away from Obama politics combined with the poorly run campaigns of several  of the Democrat's losing  candidates certainly helped the Republicans achieve their success!

Watauga Republicans benefited from both  the national trends, the ineffective campaigns of some local Dem candidates,  and the dissatisfaction of numerous long time Democrats with their local party. Whether or not that dissatisfaction is something that local Repubs can count on in future elections, remains to be seen. Dems, once again, won the 4 precincts in the town of Boone and will, most likely, continue to win Boone town elections, but the majority of voters outside of the town of Boone, consistently support the more conservative candidates. 

Locally, the lack of direction, the  name calling and the negative campaigning against Republicans wasn't a successful tactic for the lefties who control the local Dems. It turns out that "WE HATE REPUBLICANS" is not really a strategy.

Probably all but the most delusional of the local Dems would concede that the practices, policies and politics of their party insiders and their lack of any positive campaigning may have cost them the recent elections. 

Fortunately for local Republicans, Dems are slow learners and are not likely to abandoned the politics of hate in their future campaigns.

Read more here:

Friday, December 5, 2014

The FOXX REPORT...Updates from Our Favorite Congressman!

Friday, December 5, 2014 WEBSITE | FORWARD TO A FRIEND | SHARE ON:
Foxx Report
This week the House passed legislation to extend a number of individual and business tax
 breaks that expired on December 31, 2013. This legislation would reinstate the provisions 
retroactively and extend them through the end of 2014.  

As a former small business owner, I recognize the tremendous cost that

Monday, November 24, 2014

Dissimulating, Grubering. Are the Left Just Pathological Liars or Do They Believe Their Constituency So Stupid it Does Not Matter?

“(T)he Progressive media is in full spin to mitigate the anger Americans are expressing about President Obama’s decision to offer legal status to millions of people who broke the law...”  But it is not just the media.  I have heard every leader of the Democratic party look right into the camera and lie, including Obama.  The following are excerpts from important articles in The Federalist and in the Wall Street Journal: No Not the Same 

They have settled on an old favorite tactic: “justify Democratic misbehavior by claiming (falsely, as you will see) that a Republican did it first.”

 “But, as usual for Progressive commentators, they elide the crucial facts that distinguish those actions from Obama’s. The sign that you’re being swindled isn’t so much what the con artist tells you, but what he does not tell you. What the Progressive commentariat is not telling you is that the Reagan and Bush immigration orders looked nothing like Obama’s creation of a new, open-ended form of immigration relief”.

“The Reagan and Bush precedents cited by the Obama lawyers are different in kind and degree. They involved far fewer people and they were intended to fulfill the policy set by Congress—not, as Mr. Obama intends, to defy Congress.” (My emphasis) I, Barack

“They were trying to implement a complicated amnesty that Congress had already passed. Congress’ action was a form of immigration relief that obviously fit within our constitutional system.”

“Thus, Obama is clearly contravening both ordinary practice and the wishes of Congress—as expressed in statute—by declaring an amnesty himself. This is nothing like Reagan’s or Bush’s attempts to implement Congress’ amnesty. The progressive media’s claims otherwise are blatant lies, relying on their readers’ ignorance (again my emphasis) of events in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Such attempts should be rejected wherever they are found.”

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Foxx Report...November 21

Foxx Report
The House returned to Washington last week following the November 4, 2014, elections to begin 
work in what is often called the “lame-duck” session of Congress.

However, we got back to business immediately and