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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gingrich Says Palestine is an Invented State

From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters. Starting out to write a book sympathetic to the Palestinians, the author, a meticulous rsearcher, did a 180-degree turn. Because of
her exhaustive research, the book reads more like an encyclopedia and someone has to be motivated to tackle it. However, because our world stands on the brink of Armageddon, this book should be read by everyone.

The Palestinian problem, blamed on Israel, turns out to be one monstrous historical hoax. Piecing together documents tucked away in old Ottoman and British records dating from the beginning of the Israelis return to their homeland, Peters becomes more like a detective uncovering a crime.

The League of Nations granted the Jews their homeland which was to include both the East and the West side of the Jordan. At the time, the land was arid, sparsely populated, mostly only roaming nomads. Israelis together with the British, began to bring the desert alive. Jews from all over started returning home. Unfortunately, at the same time, much like the current illegal alien problem of the U.S., the working classes of failed Arab countries, drawn by the magnet of jobs, also arrived.

Although Britain had been granted the mandate to govern this new territory, they betrayed the world. With the threat of Germany growing, they made secret alliances with Arab nations. At the same time, they turned a blind eye to the huge influx of illegals. When the illegals became unhappy in Israel and tried to return to their countries of origin, they found themselves prevented, not only because those countries had rid themselves of their unskilled people, but more insidiously the Arab leaders realized that by pushing the people into the face of Israel, they could establish claim to the land for Islam. Much like walking the plank, the illegals faced Israel in front with guns, Arab countries at their rear with guns.

Finally, when the Jews faced the Holocaust and were fleeing Europe, the deceitful British claimed there were now too many people in what was finally being called Palestine. From the dust jacket: “Joan Peters strikes a heavy blow against the broad consensus about ‘the Palestinians’ and the assumption that Palestinian rights are at the heart of the Arab Israeli conflict.. . . From Time Immemorial supplies abundant justification for reversing the moral and legal presumptions that have cast Israel in the role of defendant before the court of world opinion.” And from the Washington Post, “A remarkable document in itself. . . . The refugees are not the problem but the excuse.”


Blogger said...

Gingrich said this yesterday and is catching hell for it. I have posted this several times before because the problem keeps coming up. As always, Gingtich knows his history.

Blogger said...

I am assuming everyone watched last night’s debate or will watch it later on line. What you heard was Romney demonstrate that he stays with the politically safe position. The panel was asked about Newt’s statement on the “invented nation.” By reflex Romney admitted he knew Gingrich was historically correct but he, Romney, would not have said it out loud as it was impolitic.

Something else that I feel like everyone in the world missed but me, as no pundit has mentioned it. Rick Santorum also said Gingrich was correct but he, Santorum, would not have said out loud something so provocative. Then he followed with “I believe the land belongs to Israel” and then in a low voice, “including the West Bank.” Unfortunately, Diane Sawyer was talking over him. Thus everyone missed the important statement and the irony of having Santorum just declaring he would not say anything so inflammatory as Newt. I hate the world missed those last words.