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Friday, January 11, 2008

Rosanne Loves Barak

Did you catch Rosanne Barr’s tirade today against Oprah? Calling Obama an empty suit, she rages: “Oprah has given us Swartzenegger and Dr. Phil. If that was not offensive enough to decent thinking people, now she brings us Obama. He has no ideas, no plan and nothing to add other than the cynical pacification of the masses with bedtime stories about hope."

Don’t you love it when the goofy left go after each other! Also, I loved it because I have been waiting for the opportunity to use that great Texas put down of a man who is all hat and no cattle.


matt said...

You know what else gets my blood boiling?
When this happens in our party. We make fun of it when it is in the other party...but it isn't so funny in ours!
As I said before, I went down to Myrtle Beach yesterday for the debate.
I was mocked, alienated and made to feel down right dreadful around mobs of other supporters.

Now, I feel I am preaching to the choir a little here, you all are more than respectful. But I guess I am venting, hoping this reaches the right people.

If another person with a Huckabee shirt tells me I am wasting my time followed by "Ron Paul is a nut case" going to explode.

Look where we are, Our party is BOOING Ron Paul, a member of our party for over 30 YEARS, on national TV for defending the constitution and the ideas that have been republican ideals up till 2001. Ideals he has held consistently for those 30 years.

Now, we are so far out of it, we are BOOING someone and calling them a radical nut case because he believes in the constitution, heaven forbid, And has the republican ideas that were considered standard only 8 years ago!

Next time I talk to someone and they disagree with me, im just going to boo really loud. That will teach them. It will prove I am right and they are wrong for sure!...

This has got to stop, I respect John McCain very much for his service to our country, in both the military and in Washington. Whether what he believes in is right or wrong is for history to decide (and us to debate). He takes a stance, and keeps it, i will give him praise for that.
Did you hear me on TV BOOING everything McCain said? No. Even though I think he is wrong.

Ron Paul deserved the same respect last night as everyone else, Whether he is at 5 or 50% in the polls.

But instead, we get Giuliani with his gay little giggle at everything Ron Paul says. We get McCain and Romney ripping jokes. And the audience laughing like Ron is a clown.
Every day this pisses me off more and more. A lot of hate has been created against our party by people of our party.
The republican party is a hair's width from losing 10% of its party.
If you think that is no big deal, keep booing.
If you want a chance to beat the Dems in 08, get your act together.

I was sitting in my chair at the debate. Thinking about Romney in particular. I was thinking "Man, hes a smart guy at least" Giving him praise...even thinking, well I'd vote for him over and of the Dems.
Then, he ruined his hope of ever getting my vote by giving his unnecessary personal attack on Dr. Paul. Romney went after Huckabee last time for doing a personal attack against him...but I guess it is ok if he says one on Ron?!

Why, as a party, are we chopping off our own legs at the knees?
I, and some other Ron Paul fans, believe it or not, are considering who to vote for if Ron is not the nominee...I have had republican ideals my whole life. Today, I am a republican. I want to vote republican next election...but every day I am more and more turned off by this party.

Great Gander said...


For what it's worth, I agree with you. Paul should be treated with more respect. His ideas can and should be debated but some of the comments made against him were uncalled for. It is my hope that all our candidates will realize the need not to destroy each other in the process of distinguishing between their own camps. There should be no booing of fellow Republicans. Every one of our candidates would and will get my vote before one of the Democratic candidates. The reason? Every one of ours is stronger on the issues and closer to my philosophy of where America has come from and where we need to go.

Hang in there. We need you in our party--both now as this debate continues and once one candidate has emerged victorious. I have great respect for the students who support Paul and sincerely hope you guys will continue to work with us.

My best,

Jim Goff
Watauga County Republican Party

Andrew said...

Matt, I agree with you. I think that alot of the mainstream republicans seem to be blind to the fact that there is a strong amount of people that are the throw-back conservative republicans that have become disenfranchised with the party. They are a little bit tired of what the show has turned into.. In many ways its just a bigger and more intrusive government. I mean there are people who voted for bush who feel betrayed, and not just by foreign policy. I too think that they are dangerously close to divorcing themselves from the party, and it does not help the cause when most republicans of today write off and denounce a 30 year hard line conservative candidate like Dr. Paul. I encourage everyone to look at things objectively and try to see that we don't need to be divided and we should be careful with what we say because we just might loose a few inches off of the legs of the party like you point out. I know i am tired of being ridiculed and looked down on as well, and it doesn't exactly encourage me to be more loyal to the party.

shyster said...

Matt, 2+2=5
There. it's an opposing position to the mainstream and deserves equal time, debate and respect.
Every now and then there are not two sides to an argument because one side is just plain wrong!
Not every position deserves debate because some are wrong and offered by nut jobs.
Paul wants to return to the constitution. He wants an 18th century constitution in a 21st century world. He's a nut case, his 15 minutes are over and I say, "Boooooooo"

Blogger said...

Matt, Look on the bright side. It could be worse. Suppose you had been one of those duped kids on the other side gone ga ga over an empty suit rock star. You can respect yourself for believing something solid. They are going for fairy tales and cotton candy.

shyster said...

I think the “all hat, no cattle” comment was originally used by Ann Richardson against an opponent named George W. Bush.
I also like: “My kid was an honor student but my president wasn’t.”
The interesting thing is that the comment applies to both “smarts” and the other use of the term “honor.”
I also like: "The GOP: always right, never correct."

guy faulkes said...


I believe you have overlooked something. Mr. Paul is hated by the entrenched powers in both parties. He is upsetting the status quo. These people do not care what his message is. They are only concerned with his not following the advice of the party elite. Mr. Thompson also shares this problem because he does not favor leaving the "Reagan conservatism" platform and moving to the moderate stance endorsed by the Republican Blue Bloods. The party elite have enormous power to influence people and they want to keep it. This will be hard to do if someone actually wants the party base to have any say. This is dangerous to the insiders of both parties because instead of having two moderates that mirror each other, people would have a choice.

I personally think Mr. Paul has the Washington insiders scared. One of the best ways to over come fear is to ridicule that thing that you are afraid of.

Mr. Paul may not be elected or even electable, but he has succeeded in forcing issues to be discussed in a way they would not have been without his candidacy. For that, I admire both him and you.

shyster said...

Guy, I don't hear the Paul issues being discussed by anyone but Paul-aroids.
Paul has not scared the insiders of either party; he has, at best, amused them.
What he has done is provide a diversion to avoid discussing real problems and real solutions.
Again, he has no chance. He has few followers. His 15-minutes are up. You people need to move on.

matt said...

The main difference between your argument of 2+2=5 and his policy is that 2+2=5 is a fact.

As prophetic as you may be. You do not know what the best economic,foreign policy, other domestic issues solutions are. period. No one does.
Again, it is you saying "I don't think it is right, so I'm going to boo".
Just like I don't think McCain's (or whoever...not meaning to pick on McCain here) ideas are right. But nobody knows for sure. I think McCain's ideas of continuing a war for 100 more years is crazy, and is a 'nut job' idea of a warmonger. But I wont let out loud boo's every time he is on the national stage.

Surely you must see the difference.

matt said...

Shyster, I disagree completely!

Look at some recent Huckabee quotes:

"People don't want the Government to run their lives, they want the Government out of their lives"

"eliminate the IRS"

"People spend their money better than the government"

even some quotes about following the constitution, but I dont remember those off the top of my head.

You know he has only brought up those very recently...I believe trying to tap into the same crowd Dr. Paul taps into.
I don't think Dr. Paul's views are diversions at all. Again, you have this view "Im always right, so i know hes wrong." You, or anyone else, is never always right. And ideas that are different, certainly when they come from someone with the experience of Dr. Paul, deserve respect at the least.

shyster said...

"The main difference between your argument of 2+2=5 and his policy is that 2+2=5 is a fact." Matt
I rest my case.
Matt, the only reason "less government" sounds so new is that it has long been a mantra of the GOP and has been abandoned for the last 7 years. It isn't a new Paul idea, it just sounds new so it got you all excited.
Matt, stick a fork in him, he's done. Move on and find yourself a real candidate. This is the last Paul comment I will make on this thread.

Blogger said...

Somebody please pinch me. Am I dreaming or did I actually write a post about Obama? On the assumption that I am awake, I will continue. Just heard a man on TV say that going with Obama is like having a pilot say “Come fly with me.” Then after you get buckled in your seat, you say, “Where are we going.” The pilot says, “I don’t know but I’ll figure it out once we get airborne.”

shyster said...

Blogger, to return to the general subject of the post: who cares?
The Dems do seem to drag out celebrity fossils more often than the GOP (although this year you guys have dug up that B-grade actor with the C-grade mind Fred Thompson. Thank god he isn’t running for anything important; that would be silly.).
Is it Barbara Streisand’s grasp of foreign policy that makes her opinion important? Is it the Baldwin brothers’ grasp of macro-economics that should make us care about their budget opinions? I heard that Oprah once saw a war movie and hated the violence so she is now an expert on national defense.
No one with more than oatmeal for brains takes the endorsement of some Hollywood trout seriously. These people are entitled to their opinions but picking a candidate based on who Oprah likes is dumber than judging a man based on the price of his haircut.
Now if you can tell me who Brittany and the Olsen twins are backing - that would matter.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shys, good going. You're actually right here! Except that Thompson is actually a pretty good actor--in fact, a much better actor than presidential candidate.

matt said...

Shyster, I know the idea of smaller government is not new. Infact, that idea has been around since the late 1700's.

My point is; why have we, the GOP, abandoned the view of smaller government? It's not just an 18th century philosophy, as you have said before. It is an idea that is not even 7 years old...(As you stated in this last post).
President Bush was elected on these ideals. Yet, now, even as he is still president, this is now a "Crazy" idea?

Sorry Shyster, but I'm not giving up on him, and more importantly, his ideas.