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Sunday, February 10, 2008

What is Obama's Secret?

I am really trying hard to understand how Obama does it.


shyster said...

And the point of your racist little graphic would be???

Red Hot Mama said...

Oh my gawd! What is racist about the graphic - can you deny that most middle easterners are more dark skinned than us "whities" here in Watauga county? And certainly Obama is using HIS race to what he thinks is his advantage - that too is racist! Good heavens man - get your head out of your butt or it might just stay there!

Blogger said...

Shyster, are you trying to tell me you have a predjudice against brown? By the way, I am disappointed, I thought you of all people might be able to explain how the fakir charms the snake.

Sees Red, NOT Blue said...

Simple - like the fakir, Obama wants you to THINK he is magical - can "fix" and "do" anything, how wonderful he is, but he is no more than a bag of hot wind, and uses cheap tricks to attempt to get where he needs.

Anonymous said...

Obama's secret weapon is "Wishful Thinking".

The left loves the idea of a black dem president. They love the idea of a black man with a muslim name in the Oval Office to rub the right's nose in it. They love the idea of socializing the country. They love the idea of pulling our troops out of Iraq. They love the idea of a charismatic charmer with no substance, because he reflects what they want.

Since he embodies what all leftists want, they think he will unite the country into one big chorus of Kum By AH. (sp ?)

They wish for all of these things to happen, and they think Obama can do it.

Problem is, except for uniting the country, he CAN do it. And the economic ruin and division that will result will be devestating.

shyster said...

You’re right, Blogger. I missed the whole point. I thought, with a black man named Barak Obama as the candidate, that using a dark-skinned man with a turban was designed to stir up anti-Muslim sentiments on top of residual southern racism. I thought that it was a shot at Obama ( a candidate you clearly dislike) by linking him to Islam and, through Islam, to terrorism.
It’s like the “noose” incidents in black neighborhoods and on the lockers of black school kids. “It’s just a piece of rope. Lighten up.”
You know what they see and it is not a piece of rope.
But you stick with your story. You clearly had none of that in mind and all you were going for was a dark-skinned, turban-wearing snake charmer enchanting the poisonous and deadly Democrats.
I'm curious if people who aren't part of the GOP faithful see more than a piece of rope.

matt said...

I am no believer in Obama either, but I think a little part of his secret is that he is something "new".

I know that means less experience, etc etc....I'm not going to argue for Obama. But look at the Republican "Front runner". And old guy who has been in Washington for longer than Anyone under the age of 26 has been alive. What does that get us? More of the same in other people's eyes. I don't think we will see much "Excitement" in the race with McCain. Compared to what the dem's will with Obama. Maybe that is evident by 2X as many people voting in the Democratic Primaries, I'm not sure. But I'm not going to energetically rally around McCain.
If there is anything I have learned this election it means substance means nothing. The average voter it seems doesn't vote on issues or any rational idea (McCain won the "anti-war" vote in NH!) and Obama can become the front runner without saying much besides promising "change".
Whether it is the Ron Paul's or the Obama's it is evident that people are looking for something different, and if that means electing a new face into Washington, then thats what it will be.

Blogger said...

Shyster, you may not believe this, but the idea of Hussain did not even occur to me when I made this post. What I did notice later was that the "emperor has no clothes."

shyster said...

As Matt said, I am not an Obama fan either.
The graphic hit me and, in a campaign and political arena where we tend to argue from and to the lowest point, I wanted to point out that images and words have an intended and unintended impact.
Huckleberry is a minister. If I accompanied an article on him with a graphic of a minister (in robes) lifting the robes of a choirboy I dare say there would be objections.

Blogger said...

Shyster, If you think this is bad, wait until he becomes the candidate.

shyster said...

No one I know would call me a prude, sensative or politically correct. I think I just look for a day when we can argue issues and substance.
I guess it's too much to hope for that we could actually start here and now. However, if you insist on playing to the mob don't let me stop you. As you might guess I can play that game too.

guy faulkes said...

"The graphic hit me and, in a campaign and political arena where we tend to argue from and to the lowest point, I wanted to point out that images and words have an intended and unintended impact." Shyster

You may very well have a point here. The realization of this for me comes from the image of Mr. Obama not putting his hand over his heart when the National Anthem was played in Indianola, Iowa in September 2007. Apparently he honors the anthem at some gatherings, but not at others. This is his right, as it is my right to be offended by his lack of respect. As you are a former member of the Green Machine, I wonder if you share this feeling. Most of the ex-Marines (if you can be an ex-Marine) I know would consider this justification for fistacuffs.

Clinton, Obama, and McCain. I fear for the Republic. However, we always get the government we deserve as a result of our own actions or lack of action.

shyster said...

I think we discussed the flag issue in a former post and reached the conclusion that those who dislike him will take offense and those who don't hate him will take his answer that sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't but it is no reflection on his feelings for his country or its flag.
Do you really think a US Senator and presidential candidate is going to publicly dis the flag? He stood politely at attention and we don't know when the picture was taken. It is one frame to make an issue where none exists. I know of no "requirement" to put your hand over your heart. The tradition, as I understand it, is to stand and for men to remove their hats (unless in uniform).
You are a former Marine, never an Ex-Marine.

Blogger said...

I had hoped for a more profound conversation on the question of the Obama phenomenon. Chris Wallace asked the President yesterday his take on that question and the President said he did not have a clue and passed it back to Chris: “You are the pundit.” Bill Clinton, considered one of the best politicians of our time, just barely touched Obama in South Carolina and has been wiped off the political map. The psychiatrist Gustav Jung taught that there is a numinous energy out there which can infuse an archetype and lift a nonentity into power without explanation. He uses the example of a house painter in German who came out of nowhere.

We have never had a politician who can make young people swoon and women cry while reading from the telephone book What is going on?

shyster said...

Blogger, people want “change.”
Obama has tapped into that and people see him as the answer. He’s not, but people are desperate. After the last 7 ½ years of BS, mismanagement and corruption they will settle for anyone who looks like they can deliver.
Everyone else is tainted with the past. McCain has been there 25 years and the problems have not been solved. Hillary has “been there” in one form or another for 25 years and the problems have not been solved. Huckleberry and Paul are fringe area jokes and no one thinks they can solve the problems.
Obama is young, bright, untainted by the establishment and he promises a “change” from business as usual. The fact that he is largely untested doesn’t matter. People want what he promises. Perhaps it’s an indication of faith in our system that people are willing to risk his lack of experience knowing that advisors and “checks and balances” will cover the problems. No one sees congress giving any president a blank war check again anytime soon.
You may sneer at him if you want but the German painter you referenced pointed out the obvious and promised a solution too. He did it at a time when the people demanded it and were sick of the failures of the Old Guard.

Anonymous said...

Obama's message is Hope, Peace, Progressive, Fairness, Justice, Logic, Intelligence and Freedom.

Contrast to recent years of Fear, War, Injustice ( Justice Dept used as politial tool, prisons the #1 growth industry )Bush logic, Wedge Issues ( Gays, Latinos, Rush, O'reilly ) Greed, Corruption ( Jack Abernuaf ) Sex scandals ( Folley, Craig )War Profiteering

Obama has a gift, lets hope he can us it wisely to lift us out of this mess the United States of America finds itself in.

Anonymous said...

Typical reich wing offal. I am not a liberal or a conservative, but since the advent of the Nixon Southern Strategy, all the bigots gravitated to the Rethuglican Party. This Cartoon is an example of the offal-spewing you hear on reicher radio by the likes of Oxycontin-Limbaugh, InsaHannity, Boor-tz and O'LIE-ly, among other smear merchants and serial misinformers. Keep your racism and misogyny, gay-hating,ignorance and cretinism to yourselvves, will you?