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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sarah Palins Christianity

Sarah Palin apparently attended a Spirit Filled church for a period of time. The and other kooks on the left have no clue as to what is happening in Christianity, so they think they have an issue.

Here are some quick facts:

The statisticians Barrett and Johnson estimate that there are over 533 million ‘Pentecostal/ charismatics’ in the world in 2002. These impressive figures are sometimes quoted to point to ‘Pentecostalism’, some 26% of world Christianity, as the largest force in world Christianity after Roman Catholicism

Pentecostal/charismatics are by far and away the fastest growing segment of Christianity and unlike Islam that grows by conquering and by high birth rates, Pentecostal/charismatics grow through people choosing to join. Following are the latest stats on growth rate worldwide:

Growth rate:
* Pentecostals: 8.1%
* Evangelicals: 5.4%;
* All Protestants: 3.3%
* Roman Catholics and Others: 1.3%
Most of this growth has occurred in the second half of the twentieth century

Pentecostalism has certainly contributed towards the global reshaping of Christianity at the beginning of the twenty-first century,

Bottom line, Sarah is today’s normative Christian. Born Catholic and later attending a Pentecostal church makes her a member of the largest segments of Christianity. Sarah is mainline modern 21st Century Christian.


shyster said...

As I understand your point, you are trying to comfort the concerned among independent voters that her Charismatic church is actually mainstream.
Nice spin but the only Episcopalians I ever saw speak in tongues were the ones who came to an early service straight from a late Saturday night.
I could care less who or what she worships. I want her on the record with her current views (she does seem to change them) on teaching creationism in schools and the position of religion and faith-based organizations in a Palin/McCain administration.

Blogger said...

No Shyster, I'm just trying to get out ahead of the wackos on the far left. So here is more; Leah Daughtry, the CEO of the Democratic National Convention and Joshua Dubois, Obama's faith outreach director, are both Pentecostals, too.

shyster said...

Blogger, my concerns remain the same.
I don't care about Dubois or Daughtry — they ain't runnin' for nuttin'
I have a great aunt who is a Jehovah's Witness. She's nuttier than a fruitcake. She can believe what she wants but I don't want her influencing national policy either.

Blogger said...

Shyster, I wrote this post to head off the left wing dingbats. I don't include you in that group, so you need not feel you have to respond.

Liberal POV said...


This post is supposed to reasure us that things are going well?