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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Watauga Republican Convention

Two representatives from the North Carolina Republican Party attended the Watauga County Republican Party Convention Saturday, February, 7, 2009. Noting the huge crowd in attendance, they informed us that the turnout is phenomenal at conventions all over the state.

Our Convention was addressed by Congresswoman Virginia Foxx. She observed that numerous people were letting her know they are seeing her on national TV. She commented that it was not her that had stirred the interest so much as it was the issue with which she has become identified. The issue of squandering taxpayers’ money is beginning to take hold.

Regarding the bill now being rammed through the Senate, she posed the question, “Why this year of all years, should the President and Congress increase the budget by 8.3% “ She asked the gathering how many of them had received an 8.3% raise this year. No hands.

There are however, some people who just don’t get it yet. She described a visit by some people to her office. She was illustrating her position as follows. Under this latest bailout bill, a person owes $100,000 on their mortgage. The bankruptcy judge tells them to pay $60,000. She asks her visitors “Who now picks up the other $40,000?” They replied “The bankers do. They just won’t make as much money.” That is when she threw up her hands.

She also remembered when she was in the NC State Senate, the Democrats would say “We have to pass this bill, otherwise we won’t get the Federal money for matching funds.” Folks, there is no Federal money, only taxpayers’ and money borrowed from China.

She also told of infuriating Appropriation Chairman Obey. He did not want to hear about the nearly 9000 earmarks in the bill to be voted on this week. When she faced him down, he became so enraged, he slammed the papers on the desk and exited, stage Left.

At one moment, she was telling us how every morning when she wakes up, and every evening before going to sleep, she thanks God for letting her live in this wonderful country. At that point, she teared up. Of course we could connect because we all feel that way.

Finally, she complemented us on our choice of Aaron Whitener to be the new Chair of the Watauga County Republican Party. She has watched him over the years and describes him as one of the hardest workers and sharpest persons she knows.

Moving on about the Convention. A letter from Senator Burr to us was read in which he reminded us that we must work hard to get him re-elected. “We cannot afford to let Harry Reid get the 60th Senator.”

Among others reporting was Alex Hege, the new president of the ASU Republicans. He was able to attend CPAC in Washington, and described the moving experience of being with 9000 turned on Conservatives, a huge number of them, young people. And, speaking of young people, there were a lot of them at our local convention, and this is Spring Break! That drew a big round of applause.

At long last, I got to rag the older people in the party who lament they are too old to learn to use the new technology. I said excuses were not acceptable as my advanced age trumped most everyone in the room.

Delegates to the regional and state convention were then elected. It was another great convention.


Reader said...

I need to start attending these things. Thanks for the update Blogger.

guy faulkes said...

I agree with Reader. Blogger, can you let us know when the local party meetings are held? Hopefully they are held on week nights when a person would be able to attend.

Anonymous said...

I know they are non-partisan, but will we have someone to run for the town council races?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why you Republicans are meeting! You have piss away 8 years in destroying America and gave the American people Obama who had no other choice but to vote for something call change. The best thing you people can do is banish yourself from American and promise to never return as Retarded Rednecks who hate the Constitution of the United States and individual rights. You got bigger problems, hyperinflation, food riots, masssive unrest to come with you possibly being hung on a lampost for treason by the masses......

Blogger said...

Guy for local party information see:

Anonymous said...

dude its Alex Hege, not Hagee, though I'm sure you love writing Hagee, gives you a big ol' evangelical boner

Anonymous said...
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Blogger said...
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Blogger said...

The deleted post was too close to being libelous.

Andrew said...

I was wondering, how exactly does libel factor into blog comments? Seriously, I wonder if there are any laws that would affect blog comments or even blogs?

Just an interesting thought I had, also I want to see those posts, removing them makes them that much more interesting.