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Monday, July 13, 2009

Boone Town Council

A reader asked if Republicans would be running candidates for Boone Town Council. Finally, we have the answer:
Jean Borhman (owner of Char) and Matt Long (General Contractor). A Democrat (John ??) owns Haircut 101 downtown, filed against Loretta on Friday. That shows some opposition within their own party. Not to mention the resignation of Liz Aycock before filing.


Reader said...

Great to hear, thanks Blogger. The names don't ring a bell, but I bet I know them. It's good to hear someone is finally stepping forward. Too bad the one that really runs this town is not expiring this year.

John Mena is running against Loretta? I know John; too bad he's a liberal. I figured he would get into it one day.

You guys couldn't find someone to run for mayor? Why not run yourself Blogger? This is when I wish we didn't own a business. I don't like mixing business and politics.

BikerBard said...

Liz Aycock moved outside the town limits. Are you implying she "Pulled a Palin" and quit?

Sarkazein said...

Hillary quit as NY Senator
Obama quit as Illinois Senator
Rahm quit as a Congressman
Michele quit her feather bed job with the hospital
Pastor Wright quit as the anti-American preacher

I could go on, but I think you get it Bard.

Oatz said...

Why Yes, BikerBard I am saying Aycock quit. She knew the terms of office when she ran. She choose to buy outside of the Town of Boone knowing the implications and chose to quit.

Oatz said...

Matt Long is a local, who went to school with my brother. Matt Long is a contractor now, building high end houses. A big ASU football fan and all around great guy.

Wolf's Head said...

I had heard that Aycock and Pepin were not going to run for re-election over a month ago.

The reasons I was given was their discomfort at the Town Council's policies, and I can't help but wonder if they were not worried about lawsuits as well.

Just more leftist quitters to go with Sarkazein's list.

I hope for the sake of the residents in Boone that the opposing candidates win, and MAYBE some sanity will return to the Town government.

And maybe they will fire that son of a bitch Town Attorney and sue him to recoup the money the Council has lavished on him to stop development, acting as he did an advocate against development instead of as a legal advisor to the Council.

Wolf's Head said...

This is off topic, BUT Guy Fawkes told me that the Watauga Watch has deleted ALL of USS Rodger Young's posts from ALL of their threads.

I cannot get Watauga Watch to come up, and was wondering if anyone else can verify this.

My apologies blogger for interrupting this thread

Oatz said...

USS Rodger Young's posts from ALL of their threads. No they are still there.That site works as well as Obama does its constantly DOWN. Reading that blog is like glancing at the National Inquirer in the grocery store checkout line.....

Oatz said...

A year ago Obama told Pastor Rick Warren that he wasn't sure at what point a baby gets human rights.
It was above above his paygrade.
But that was last year.
A funny thing happened after the election.
Obama suddenly figured it out.

Already this year, Barack Obama has signed several pieces of abortion legislation including funding foreign abortions. He also signed legislation to use taxpayer money to kill embryos in research. And, democrats are pushing legislation that will force healthcare providers to perform abortions even if it violates their moral or religious convictions.

Barack Obama is the most radical pro-abortion and infanticide president in the last 35 years. Barack Obama even voted 4 times to support infanticide during his political career.

But, that didn't stop Barack Obama from promising Pope Benedict last week that he would reduce abortions.
But, it doesn't look like President Obama was being honest.

The Obamacare legislation will force Americans to fund abortion.

BikerBard said...

Pla-eeze! Don't even try to equate Obama, Hillary, Rahm, and Michele, who all left their jobs FOR OTHER JOBS with Palin, who left her job because she couldn't stand the heat and got a taste of the big city life and $$$.
That's a stretch, even for you.

Anonymous said...

You all obviously don't know Sam Furgiele, he is my attorney in an SSI case and he is caring and thoiughtful and zealously defends his clients and the Town of Boone is one of his clients so don't badmouth someone you don't know

Sarkazein said...


They all resigned their jobs for better paying jobs, or better jobs, they didn't fulfill their commitment to their voters, you don't KNOW why Gov Palin resigned. You do however know she was a good person treated grossly unfair as you admit, and you still have to continue to do it because your political beliefs don't allow for truth, not even to yourself.

Blogger said...

Bard, If I recall, to explain her leaving, she used her basketball experience that when the opposition has you hemmed in and you can't take the shot, pass the ball to the one who can.

Her analogy works for me. I think it does not work for cynics and people who don't understand sports.

simon jester said...

Sam Furgiele should not only be fired by the Town, he should be disbarred, in my opinion. I know him well. It looks like Wolf's Head does also.

Reader said...

Wolf, I feel the same way about the lawsuits. I bet Aycock is wanting to sell some homes besides her own. Being in politics hurts the ole pocketbook. I don't know Pepin, so can't comment on her.

If we don't get a candidate to run for mayor, I might vote for John, but not if he's a liberal. At least he's a business owner and that's a plus. Clawson has made it hard on business owners with all her regulations and cost us a lot of money. My pocketbook was hit way too hard the last few years and that's not easily forgotten. We've tried to get the message out to not only friends and neighbors, but our customers as well.

Tension said...

I heard Dr. Grant Holder an ASU Chemistry Professor and devout Republican was also filing today.

Blogger said...

Yes, Thanks Tension.

Wolf's Head said...

Guy Fawkes called me this morning and said that many, but not all, of Rodger Youngs posts were back up.

But I am apparently banned from the Watch as I have been unable to log on since yesterday morning.

So GOOD FOR ME!!! If they ban me it is only because they can't take the heat.

Maybe I'll try from a different IP address and see if I can get on

As for Holder I knew him years ago and would welcome him running for office, hopefully as a Councilman instead of for Mayor, as the Mayor has no votes in Council unless to break a tie.


Anonymous said...

You guys should not speculate, you should ask people why they are not filling again.

By the way in both of those cases it isn't quitting they just aren't filing again, they aren't leaving during their terms.

God reading this blog is like glancing at mein kampf sometimes.

Anonymous said...

oatz that wasn't a piece of legislation it was an executive order...for something you care so much about you really don't know a whole lot about it

The idea is to have fewer abortions, it is hard to do that when you allow pharmacists to deny the pill and Plan B to women if it interfears with their religious or personal views

Abortion sucks, but they will always happen, the Obama's philosophy is to reduce them, and for the ones that do happen to make them safe

By the way why are you always going WAY off topic its insane

Gregg said...

I have to follow Oatz and Nonny to the weeds for moment.

Nonny, are you serious? "ALLOW pharmacists to deny the pill and Plan B to women if it interfears(sic) with their religious or personal views".

That is bass ackwards. Obama is forcing pharmacists to violate not only religious beliefs but the Hippocratic oath. No one is denied squat. A woman can get the legal drug elsewhere. Likewise he's forcing people with deeply held convictions against abortion, that may or may not be religious, to pay for them.

The left is so intolerant. Most of the time it's rooted in the elitist attitude that those with different views are not enlightened enough to grasp the issue. They just don't feel like they should have to tolerate those religious kooks. So they don't.

Sorry blogger, I no longer live in Boone so I was laying low on this thread but Nonny's (if that's his real name)statement is outrageous!

Nonny, meet me at the roller baby thread if you dare to continue.

Reader said...

I wish I had said that Gregg.

guy faulkes said...

"By the way in both of those cases it isn't quitting they just aren't filing again, they aren't leaving during their terms.

God reading this blog is like glancing at mein kampf sometimes."

Then why is the Boone Town Council meeting to decide on the person that will finish Aycock's term. I do not think that Mein Kampf would be suitable reading for you. The content is offensive and it is much to hard for someone that needs remedial reading classes as you must as per your inability to comprehend the news.

BikerBard said...

Don't twist my words. I didn't "admit" Palin was treated "grossly unfair [sic.]"

I SAID she couldn't stand the heat (of public scrutiny.) That "heat" was fair and just. Accountability-not just Cheney's weakness, but a growing Repub concern.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of filing for it true that Shook is coming back up to run for Sheriff next year? I've saw a sign out on 105. Hope it's true...we need him back!!

Sarkazein said...

Fair if your version of fair is 23+- ethics complaints and no convictions.
She appears to be clean ethically speaking. No ties to terrorists, real estate swindlers, anti-American racist preachers. Yet you say SHE was treated justly. Does that mean Obama was treated unjustly because the MSM and the liberal voters let him slide. Biden, known for his numerous gaffs gets a pass from the MSM and the liberal voters...this is fair and just treatment.
I think you got it right the first time. The others weren't exposed to the same "big city" treatment.

Sarkazein said...

comment above is to BARD

BikerBard said...


It's just like that great line in the musical "Guys & Dolls." Mobster Big Julie proudly brags, " Thirty-three arrests - no convictions!"

That's our Sarah!

Oatz said...

"And so as I thought about this announcement that I wouldn't run for re-election and what it means for Alaska, I thought about how much fun some governors have as lame ducks... travel around the state, to the Lower 48 (maybe), overseas on international trade - as so many politicians do. And then I thought - that's what's wrong - many just accept that lame duck status, hit the road, draw the paycheck, and ‘milk it.' I'm not putting Alaska through that - I promised efficiencies and effectiveness! That's not how I am wired. I am not wired to operate under the same old ‘politics as usual.' I promised that four years ago - and I meant it."

Liberal pundits who read this statement as anything other than a declaration of war on the status quo do so at their peril.

Sarkazein said...


Even the most irrational Palin hater could see the ethics charges came in mass after her being announced as McCain's running mate and were low rent Democrat dirty tricks. I am not a big musical or show tunes fan, so I am not familiar with Guys & Dolls.

Anonymous said...

I know Matt Long personally. He is a great guy who also is a loving family man and a small business owner. When he is elected to the town council his business experience will greatly aid this town in attracting new businesses which will create new jobs and increase the local tax revenue.

Bikerbard said...


Repub Richard Nixon perfected the genre. And I believe to "swiftboat" someone is in the dictionary.

Poor, poor Sarah!

Sarkazein said...


Nixon was a choir boy compared to todays liberal Democrat hit squads. Remember the "Army of Lawyers" sent in to Alaska to try and dig up dirt on Gov Palin? This is where the bogus ethics charges, for the most part, came from.
"Swift-boat" someone has become the liberals definition, not anyone else's. It is kind of like the word "choice".
After all, Sarah didn't come back from over-seas and piss off most of America's Veterans along side of Jane Fonda. There is nothing you can find in Gov Palin's past remotely deserving the hate Kerry got for his own actions.
How did this get on to the "Boone Town Council" thread?

BikerBard said...

It's amazing how differently we view history and the world at large.

In any event, I refuse to see Sarah Barracuda as a victim.