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Friday, August 7, 2009

Remember When Companies Sent Their Goons to Break up Union Meetings?

Huffington Post

The unions say they are coming to the town halls to confront the protesters. Will we be able to identify them by uniforms with hammer and sickle shoulder patches?


Blogger said...

guy faulkes said...

Remember when companies hired thugs to break up union meetings?

Yes. I also remember people being hurt and killed but the thugs did not win. History has a tendency to repeat itself.

USS Rodger Young said...

The union thugs are the least of our worries. The next wave of people control will be the government sponsered thugs in the form of police and law enforcement at these meetings. You have heard it here before it is on CNN, MSNBC, and the other liberal networks so listen up. My bet is next week you will see more town hall meetings with the main difference being the overwhelming police presence. The first naysayer to heckle some idiot of a Congressman will be expelled from the premisis - with force if necessary.

I am even willing to bet that the tasers come out, and some poor bastard attempting to exercise his/her rights will be shocked into submission. The liberal networks, desperate to do anything they can to break up the Constitutional Rights of Americans, will give the event an extroadinary amount of airtime in hopes of persuading folks to stay at home (not the liberals).

How can one exercise free speech and lodge a complaint if jack booted thug police officers are ready to pounce? It is coming, just wait.

Let's just hope the poor bastard is a black man so we can see who Hussein Obama will call stupid this time (he probably won't say anything if the black man is a protestor and not on his side).

USS Rodger Young

USS Rodger Young said...

Looks like Tricycle Lard and gang aren't up to snuff to even attempt an answer at this one!!! Tricycle, how about inviting some of the other Lemmings to this site so I can give them the bulldozer treatment.