Friday, October 23, 2009

Historians can write spoof may turn out to be Obama's Waterloo

Several bloggers got this back up, so just in case you missed it.
On This Week With George Stephanopoulos' and George Will, both George’s added to the list:
Obama asked Gov. Patterson of New York not to run–he says no.
They asked Andie Romanoff of Colorado not to run–he said no.
They asked Joe Scarnati of Pennsylvania not to run–he said no.
Abroad: Obama ordered Israel to stop the settlements–they didn’t
He told Palestinians to engage with Israel–they didn’t
He told Saudi Arabia to help out–they didn’t.
They asked Iraq to do this or that and they won’t.
He asked Iran to stop building the bomb and they haven’t.
He told Honduras to reinstate their deposed president–they didn’t
He asked China and India to reduce greenhouse gasses–they won’t
He asked NATO to send more troops to Afghanistan, they won’t.
He asked NATO to take Gitmo prisoners–they won’t


guy faulkes said...

He wanted the other networks to boycott Fox news - they didn't.

guy faulkes said...

Apparently other people also watch Fox News and talk (hate as per POV) radio in spite of the president's wishes.

Anonymous said...

Complaints or approval of Loretta Clawson please comment .The whole county e-mail me at lets see who we chose?
truth hurts

Anonymous said...

Fried Chicken Registered | 10/26/2009 8:51AM
I'm not sure why people are so upset about the wind turbines as they provide CLEAN, GREEN energy. At some point, we (the collective American people) have to stop femaleing and complaining about every single minute thing and concentrate on the greater good of this world. This isn't an Appalachian OR Boone problem but one of survival.

I love how Mayor Clawson "says" she wants to protect neighborhoods, but the only neighborhood she has protected is her own. Her future plans include endorsing a bypass for Boone that would destroy many neighborhoods in Boone and also affect Boone small business.

One final thing: Loretta was mayor pro-tem when Mayor Burnley and her town council approved the buildings above Walmart. Everyone knew the impact of such buildings and agreed to the construction of it anyway. Mayor Clawson might have helped enact the steep slope ordinance, but she is part of the reason it was created in the beginning.

Let's hear more about Wilson and Mena.