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Monday, November 23, 2009

Support For Universal Health Care Plunges

Dr. Howard Dean says no to Obama care.
Obama's dastardly plan is on life support and we are the "Death Panel".


guy faulkes said...

This is a very telling indication. The support for this atrocity falls faster as it is pushed through the legislative process against the will of the people.

There is going to be a health care bill passed. It will not be anything like the current House or Senate version. However, the Democrats will claim credit.

No one will like this bill. It is going to split the Democrat party. Our problem is going to be to get conservatives elected. This may split the Republican party as the liberal, big government faction that has been in control for the recent past will not go quietly into the dark where they belong.

Interesting times are coming.

Johnny Rico said...

Good point Guy. I also believe the conservatives have some work to do. Right now, they believe they can turncoat without any consequences from the electorate. Enough of this lesser of two evils thing. Time to go for blood and vote for the right person. Eventually the situation will take care of itself as would the econony if it were under a capitalist system. I think Virginia Foxx needs a wake up call on this very subject. She has made a grave underestimation of all the conservatives in the high country with her recent decision to ignore the very base that helped her get elected all those years ago. Very interesting times in 2010.