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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obama Did Not Give The Dalai Lama Cufflinks

The story is false.

A commenter, Ty Hallsted, questioned the accuracy of the story and wrote:

I did google "Dalai lama cufflinks". Compare the results you get with that search compared to "Obama gives ipod to queen." There is a striking lack of major news sources with he former where the latter includes NYTimes, PCWorld, LATimes, NYDailyNews and others. The cufflinks story also doesn't appear on Drudge or Politico. Let's nail Obama for the stupid stuff he does, not the stupid stuff he apparently hasn't done.

It seems his suspicions were correct. Obama actually gave the Dalai Lama a very thoughtful gift. I owe him an apology. Mr. Obama, I'm sorry. Many thanks to Ty Hallsted.

As I told Mr. Hallsted, the story was very believable given Obama's history of gift giving. The "major news sources" he refers to don't impress me much in that they are frequently wrong when other less conventional sources are often right. The National Enquirer is up for a Pulitzer and the New York Times have been discredited time and time again. The paradigm has shifted. What's a blogger to do?

For one thing, I should be more careful. Believable does not equal true. I let my guard down because it was was easier. Nothing's easy. I apologize for the confusion. I have removed the post.


Sarkazein said...

So the cheap b@$^@#& gave the Dalai Lama a 15c copy of a letter someone else wrote? Obama's staff had stolen all the cuff links and sent them to a cash for gold company.
The cuff link story probably started with Mr Potato- head Gibbs in one of his comic monologues.

guy faulkes said...

Kudos, HD. A retraction like this proves the integrity of this blog. We do not have to fabricate objectionable things that Mr. Obama's administration has done. He and they take more than enough actions without help from anyone.

Sark, while I agree with your sentiments concerning Mr. Obama, in this case I have to admit that the letter was probably a good idea. Hopefully, it was not just xeroxed.

Hopefully, the letter means something to the Dalai Lama. Maybe then it will make some kind of amends for Mr. Obama sneaking him out of the White House in order to apease China.

It would mean nothing to me. On the other hand, I would love to have a framed copy of Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Death" speech in its entirety to go with the framed copy of the Bill of Rights that I keep over a copy of the Constitution in my office.

This was certainly a better gift than DVD's that would not play.

As to the subject of being careful, yes, we should take care to provide documentation to support our posts. It is inevitable that sometimes this documentation is false or questionable at best. Take many of the links by LiberalProverbs 18:2, for instance. However, this is not a "Me too! Me too!" site. Poor information is going to be discovered, whether it was presented deliberately or through oversight. Thank you Mr. Halstead.

Pardon the rambling. I felt the need to express my pride in HD and the blog.

Sarkazein said...

This is what I love about the new media, the news is not spoon fed. I can sort the fact and fiction, I don't need Dan Rather to do it for me. If a few false starts pop in, so what? Anything is better than Katy Kuric deciding my priorities. or Tom Brokaw tellingmewazimportant. Let the rumors fly, I'll sort them out for myself.
H.D, you were reporting what someone else was reporting. That's news.