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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Support Virginia Foxx Because She Always Votes the Way I Would if I Were in That Office

“I support Virginia Foxx because she always votes the way I would if I were in that office,” so declared the president of the Republican Women’s Club. Rep. Foxx was the guest speaker today before a joint gathering of the Republican Women’s and the Republican Men’s Clubs at the Golden Corral in Boone.

Speaking to a packed audience, she both educated and listened. Foxx alerted us to the game plan published by the Democrats to make the election about Bush again. That should be interesting in that job losses began from the time Democrats took power in 2007.

Foxx said we should also be concentrating on state offices. Democrats have held power in North Carolina, all but four years, since 1880. She pointed out that if the apportioning map were an honest one, there would be at least 73 Republican counties and 32 Democrat. And if the map were fair, there would be nine Republican members in Congress and five Democrats.

Besides apportionment, the spending by North Carolina Democrats has become unsustainable.

Pointing out that John Boehner, Minority Leader of the House is a true conservative, even to the point of telling his people not to expect him to take earmarks, she encouraged us to get behind a new breed of Republicans in Washington.

Rep. Foxx talked of Republican plans to repeal Obamacare. Two members voiced their concern over Republicans’ use of the word “repeal”. One member said: “We know that you cannot repeal the bill because Obama can veto anything you do. To promise repeal thus is an empty promise and Americans are sick of those." Another speaker agreed and hoped Foxx would advise the leadership to stop using the shotgun word of repeal and start getting specific about what can and needs to be replaced and what people might want to keep.

One member said that Gingrich had pointed out yesterday that Republicans could promise to not fund parts that are abhorrent to the majority of people. That is a promise doable and believable. (One right-away example is to promise not to fund the 16,000 IRS agents.)

Foxx agreed but said they still wanted to present an entirely new bill that the president would then have to go on record as opposing a good bill.

Anyway, we could discern that Representative Foxx was hearing us. When you know your congressperson is taking in what you are saying, you begin to feel you matter.

Foxx also said she would attend The Tea Party in Ashe County APRIL 24TH at the CIVIC CENTER, pointing out that she goes when invited. At the same time she honors the Tea Partiers who want to keep their organization separate from Republicans. The two groups share the same angst over the run away spending and government takeovers. At the same time, each group has it’s unique interests.

The Tea Party caravan will leave from the Kmart parking lot in Boone at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, April 24.

One other member said she had heard that the attorney general of North Carolina was planning to join the other states attorney generals in the test of the constitutionality of Obamacare. The member said that when she called his office, the assistant there did not deny it nor confirm. Foxx said that Attorney General Roy Cooper is a smart, nice man and even somewhat conservative. However, he was such a party man that it would take something like a powerful poll of the people to make him buck his party.

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