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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Early Voting Watauga Finals

Posted Oct 30 Total 7455

# Democrat 2,926
# Republican 2,790
# Unaffiliated 1,718
# Libertarian 21

Significant jump (again) in the under 25 age group

# Blue Ridge 948
# New River Iii 815
# Brushy Fork 713
# Watauga 677
# Blowing Rock 540
# New River Ii 537
# Cove Creek 458
# Meat Camp 448
# New River I 430
# Boone 1 330
# Stony Fork 278
# Boone 3 269
# Boone 2 257
# Laurel Creek 215
# Beaver Dam 211
# Elk 114
# Shawneehaw 77
# Bald Mountain 77
# Beech Mountain 46
# North Fork 1

Posted by NewGuy


Blogger said...

Can't tell, but it looks like the college students split between the two parties. Maybe the young people have been paying attention after all.

Anonymous said...

looks like the dems are on the rise. like it or not, the local dem party busts their butts up here. ive gotten more live calls from them this cycle than I have ever gotten from the watauga gop in the 15 years that I have lived here.

NewGuy said...

I don't know Blogger....I've looked hard at the numbers and while we don't know how anyone voted, it's clear that the precincts with the highest number of <25 voters are heavily weighted with Dem registered voters.

One conclusion, which I think is fair, (and probably obvious to all), the 'close in' precincts had the highest number of voters. That is to say, those that were convenient to the 3 downtown polling places turned out at a much higher rate than those who would have had a longer drive.

At least Repubs represented themselves well this year in the early voting ....much improved over 2008.

We still need the big turnout Tuesday though!

Note: to Anon...yes, Dems voted in higher numbers than Repubs in the early votings....but not NEARLY as big a difference as prior years.

and yes, the local Dems are active, organized and effective at campaigning....too bad they suck at governing.

Anonymous said...

Well I can only assume that Republican turnout will be lower on election day due to the increase of early voters. Watauga County is much closer than ANY other races in the state. To me this says quite a bit about Cullie and Steve's races. I think that they will do better than predicted, as they already have, becasue voters really are pissed about what they are seeing in their mailboxes. Now I know that there has been mail from Democrats, but I am a UNA voter and I have gotten 5x as much mail attacking Dems than Republicans. When all voters get is attacks from the Right, then recieve a nice call from the Dems, it makes them question the attacks.

NewGuy said...

Anon said
"Watauga County is much closer than ANY other races in the state.

That's an interesting observation. Can you give us a source? Last poll I saw had Soucek ahead by 6 or 7 points -State dem party seems to have given up on Goss. I haven't seen any numbers on Jordan/Tarleton race, or the county commissioners...

The only question about the Foxx "race" is "what time will Kennedy concede?"

Just curious - what races are 'close' and where is the data you are relying on?

Anonymous said...

I was speaking about turnout. All across the state, including WNC, reg Dems are getting beat pretty badly by Republicans in early voting. But somehow in Watauga County where Republicans out number Dems by almost 5%, the Democrats are turning out more voters (with the wind in their faces). No need to get all testy, the only numbers that matter are the ones in the ballot box.

So I guess my source is this very post.

NewGuy said...

My apologies if I seemed 'testy'...I did not intend to be. I thought you might have some polling information that I was not aware of.

As info...Registered Dems STATEWIDE are outvoting registered repubs by a substantial margin....398232 dems to 316631 Repubs.

Anonymous said...

But this again speaks to my point that the local Democratic party has a much better aproach to politics than the Republican party. Do they not believe in working the field to win?

NewGuy said...

OK...I thought you point was

"All across the state, including WNC, reg Dems are getting beat pretty badly by Republicans in early voting"

But, IF your point is that the local dems do a good job in mobilizing their base, I have already conceded that point.

They are well organized, motivated and always have a good "ground game".

But, as I said earlier, too bad they suck at governing.

By the way...probably the reason you get mopre calls from Dems tjam Repubs is that you are registered Dem. Both parties are busy calling their registered members to encourage turnout.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am unaffiliated also, Anony above, and I get all kinds of fliers, both Dems and Repubs, and I don't see any difference in the style of "attacks", as you label them.

The Dems "attack" just as bluntly and as often as the Repubs. I say, IF the statements, or supposed "attacks", are truthful, then so be it. I want to know the truth. I do not believe that the truth/s are "attacks".

One thing I have noticed on a continuing basis over the years, some Dems and progressives, especially in this area, are not above mocking or belittling their opponents, or anyone that disagrees with them.

NewGuy said...

Early voting completed...numbers thru Saturday Oct 30

Total 7978

* Democrat 3,111
* Republican 3,009
* Unaffiliated 1,835
* Libertarian 23

By precinct where registered:

* Blue Ridge 1,013
* New River III 888
* Brushy Fork 782
* Watauga 716
* New River Ii 584
* Blowing Rock 564
* Cove Creek 489
* Meat Camp 480
* New River I 472
* Boone 1349
* Stony Fork 302
* Boone 3 284
* Boone 2 254
* Laurel Creek 232
* Beaver Dam 226
* Elk 121
* Bald Mountain 80
* Shawneehaw 80
* Beech Mountain 47
* North Fork 15

Good start! Much improved 'balance' over last election!