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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seats Dems Took From Repubs in 2008

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NewGuy said...

Sorry if this is OT but I don't know where to post it....

From the NC SENATE DEM CAUCUS...Sept 2009

State Senator Steve Goss was appointed Senate Co-Chair of the Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee.

The committee is made up of 18 members; 9 from the House of Representatives and 9 from the Senate.

According to Goss’ office, the committee oversees the Department of Transportation and all of the state’s transportation policies.

After being named the co-chair of this committee, Goss said, “I am pleased with the opportunity to have an even greater voice in shaping our state’s transportation policy. Solid transportation is key to growing our economy, especially in rural North Carolina.”

Now check out today's Watauga Democrat article and tell me again what a good job Steve Goss is doing for Watauga...

Secondary road budget cut 20 percent
Published: 11:56 AM, 10/25/2010
Last updated: 11:56 AM, 10/25/2010

By: Scott Nicholson
The budget for Watauga County's secondary roads was cut about 20 percent over the 2009-2010 totals, according to the N.C. Department of Transportation.
The Watauga County Board of Commissioners received the priority list for secondary-roads improvements during Tuesday night's regular meeting.
The anticipated allocation for the current fiscal year is $853,851, down from $1.09 million last year.

YES I WANT TO REDUCE SPENDING....but let's reduce spending on fishing piers, taj mahal high schools, multi million dollar "welcome center" on 421. Lets spend it on the essentials, like secondary ROADS in Watauga!

Another gripe....I am told by sources I trust that the new Watauga High school does not have FLAGS in most of their classrooms and has refused to bring the flags over from the old high school.

80 million for a high school but no money for flags? Is there ANY OTHER public high school in the US that doesn't provide flags in their classrooms?