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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recount confirms Gable victory

Republican Vince Gable wins the county commissioner race against Democratic incumbent Billy Ralph Winkler by 68 votes after today's recount. In the 24th District judge's race, Hal Harrison and Gary Gavenus each gained one vote in Watauga, but five-county totals may not be decided until the State Board of Elections votes on Nov. 23. From Watauga Democrat


NewGuy said...

Sorry...I posted a comment on the 'recount' thread before I realized you had already announced it.
Anyhow...congratulations to Vince. And I have to say Thanks to Billy Ralph Winkler.....I think he's the best of the current commissioners.

Vince will do a great job for the county. It's going to be a tough few years and I expect some people will not like seeing the costs cut, but it will have to be done. I think Vince realizes that he won't be popular with everyone when he reduces expenses.

guy faulkes said...

Congratulations to Mr. Gable, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Blust. Now that they are the majority, they can start repairing the damage done by the previous commissioners.

I will agree that Mr. Winkler was by far the least odious of the old commissioners.

It will be interesting to see how Mr. Deal reacts to no longer being Chairman. If I remember correctly, the Wolf once predicted he would resign in a short while because his ego could not take it. I may be mistaken about who said it as the conversation took place some time ago.

Have you ever heard the statement that the true test of genius is how well do you agree with me? No wonder I think the Wolf is so smart.

New Guy's last paragraph is the most telling he could have made. Not only is fixing the mess going to be difficult and painful, it is going to be hard to educate people as to where the fault lies. This is true both locally and nationally.

New Guy is pretty darn smart also, as are most of the people on this blog.

NewGuy said...

*shuffles feet, stares at ground and says "aw shucks"!

Anonymous said...

tell,em guy

Anonymous said...

People, I too did not, and still do not, think Deal's blimpsize ego would/will stand it.

He will, no doubt, still try to dominate the board, if he remains.

But, a question please:

Can a commissioner resign, and if so, what are the laws and procedures if so?

Wolf's Head said...

Being elected isn't slavery. I assume that any elected official can resign at any time.

It's like dying, some die too soon, some don't die soon enough.

I did tell Guy I thought he would resign because of his ego, but I also think he will try for a run against Jordan in 2 years.

Johnny Rico said...

Does anyone know if Gable is a gun owner? Gun ownership is a litmus test of sorts of conservative values.

guy faulkes said...

Rico, Gable is Vice President of the Watauga Gun Club and an ex Marine (if there is such a thing. Most Marines consider themselves Marines until they die and probably after.).

Johnny Rico said...

Excellant. Gable is the man and perhaps we can have him confront the liberal socialist of a sheep of a Sheriff and ask him why he doesn't believe in the 2nd Amendment. Good stuff.

Thanks Guy

Lavada Quinteros

Johnny Rico

NewGuy said...

Three new CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN County Commissioners will be sworn in tomorrow (Monday) morning at the Courthouse. I think the swearing in is at 9:00 AM.

Tomorrow afternoon...I think at 2pm but you can check with the county commissioners office, the FIRST meeting of the commissioners under adult supervision in many years will be held.

Expect to see Stacy Eggers IV named as the new County Attorney replacing Tony DiSanti (A good man who has done a good job but is now going to head up the NC STATE BAR ASSOCIATION).

The commissioners will also elect their new chairman. Most likely it will be Bathan Miller.

I am thankful that these new conservatives are taking the reins....unfortunately, the fiscal choices they will have to make will not be popular. Getting the outlandish spending under control is like taking your credit cards back from your teen aged daughters. The ones who profit from the raids on the public treasury will begin to howl when the necessary budget tightening takes place.

Fortunately, unlike some who post here, the new commissioners understand that the money has to come from isn't Santa Claus that is paying the bills!

I hope that, at least some of the conservatives on this board, show their support by attending either the swearing in, the afternoon meeting or BOTH!

NewGuy said...

Whoops...Of course it's NATHAN Miller, not "Bathan"...
(sorry Nathan)

Also, Thanks to Vince, Nathan and David Blust for their willingness to serve the citizens of this county!

guy faulkes said...

+ 1 times 2, New Guy.

NewGuy said...

Well, the weather didn't cooperate but we still had a pretty nice turnout for the swearing in ceremonies.

I estimate between 50-75 people total attended.

The first meeting of the new county commission will be at 2pm in the commissioners board room in the new building....Hope some of you can make it!