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Thursday, December 23, 2010

All Were Winners

The president grabbed the headlines, taking credit this week for more than he deserved. The American people in this last election really deserve the credit. Unfortunately, we have no high profile spokesperson to represent us.

Still, the people had some great weeks. They stopped him dead in his attempt to raise taxes in the middle of a recession, a real job saver. They shot down a huge budget busting spending bill wherein he was attempting to keep control over next year’s spending. The people would have been denied the work of their new representatives they just elected.

The people blocked a huge sneaky attempt at amnesty after telling two presidents in a row to seal the borders first, then talk to us about fixing the illegal alien problem.

And, they have forced him away from his dangerously misguided approach of treating terrorism as if it is only a criminal act. Prisoners of war will now stay in Guantanamo and not be tried as criminals.

Finally, the American people forced him into bipartisanship even though he tries to convince them that bipartisanship was his idea all along.

The president took his victory lap. We all know it was we who should be whooping it up.


Blogger said...

JR pointed out the accomplishments: Health Care, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, START, Food Safety and Modernization Act, Aid for 9/11 responders,

Obamacare is still iffy. DADT, was going to happen anyway. The 9/11 responders was heart wrenching for all of us and the aid was reduced to something more reasonable as well as partially offset.

History won't remember the START treaty as it is the rogue states which really worry us.

JR did not include new financial regulations, but even Obama is wondering out loud if we should revisit those if we want to compete globally.

That left only the food safety bill for him to brag about.

Sarkazein said...

U.S. Naval Institute - December 23, 2010
President Barack Obama was outmaneuvered by the Russians and should have abandoned the New START negotiations instead of seeking a political victory, says former nuclear plans monitor Vice Admiral Jerry Miller, USN (Ret)....

I wonder how

Honest Debate said...

Thanks Blogger. We're not hearing much of that perspective from the MSM lately. And you're right.

Republicans did wiener out much more than they needed to though. The Calvary is coming and not a minute too soon.

Reader said...

Sark, Wolf and Guy, maybe you can let us know what your family members and friends think of the DADT law. I'm not sure what to think and how it will affect our safety.

Sarkazein said...

Reader- I Think it should have been left up to the military. I think it is so low on the list of priorities it rates right down there with worrying about what the Russians say they are or are not going to do. Neither Bill Clinton (DADT) or Obama (Flame-on) spent any time in the military. There is no way they can realize the uniqueness of day to day military life. It is not the same as working 8 hours at Hardee's.

Johnny Rico said...

To Liberal Socialist Sheep Lemming Dolt Pedophile POV,

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Was thinking of how you like to cap on corporations as evil. The Food Safety and Moderninzation Act, a bill passed by Congress that gets zero attention by liberals and RINOs, is right down your alley and would've given you an actual reason to cap on corporations. You see, small scale, family farms have never been a catalyst for health issues will now come under scrutiny by your buddy, the government. Major corporate farms, the ones who hire illegal aliens who spread EColi (kept very quiet by the media and liberals) are regulated anyway and want the smaller farmers regulated also. Therefore, liberal politicians are passing laws to attack problems that don't exist at the behest of corporations. Think those corporate farms who hire illegal aliens might have some influence (lobbyists) there POV?

I doubt you can think at all, but if you could then why haven't you attacked the Food Safety and Modernization Act as a bill pushed by corporate America? Is it because your liberal lemming counterparts in Congress supported it? Yes, you just heard me say it: Liberals supported corporate America on that one.

You claim to want to help the Hardees worker earning $16,000 a year. You erroneously say she is kept down by corporate America. Then, not amazingly, you support a bill that keeps small family farmers from readily selling produce that has NEVER been attributed to health issues in the United States. Can you say hypocrite? I can. I say hypocrite pedophile sheep. You dolt of an idiot. The mountain families on US 221 selling honey and produce to passing motorists are now, suddenly a threat that must be regulated by the government. In the 150 years of those families selling produce, have you ever heard, even once, of someone becoming sickened by one of their home-grown products? Idiot.

Here we have the great POV supporting corporate America as it squeezes out small scale farmers who survive by the sweat of their brow. The hypocrisy of liberals is ghastly. If you support crushing small orchard owners, then why would you support a worker at Hardees? What's the difference?

Tough questions. Tough questions.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico


PS What would you say to the small, family owned farms who are going to be negatively impacted by an over-reaching federal govt? Would you tell them they are lazy like you believe the out of work stonemasons, carpenters, dry wallers and house painters? LOL

Stings don' tit

Reader said...

Sark, I suspect the ones who do not agree with DADT, will be able find a way to get them out. Maybe IED detection? Will they be housed with the men or women? So many questions and I pray this does not disrupt our "real men".

guy faulkes said...

Reader, most of my family and friends are not really concerned about DADT. Their opinion is that there have always have been gay members of the military and there always will be. One, who is an historian< says that some cultures (Japan for instance) used to encourage its members to be gay in order to make them fight better for each other.

They did not realize that lust is not love. You love your brother, but you do not want to have sex with him.

The consensus is that the entire issue is a non-existent problem developed for political reasons.

Johnny "Stung" Rico said...

I see Liberal Socialist Sheep POV pedophile lemming didn't want any part of this one! LOL!! I guess enough is enough with that idiot. LOL!!

Johnny Rico

Stung didn't it

Liberal POV said...

Conservative Billionaires will have to find another non issue to distract the Fox viewers now that DADT is history.

Johnny Rico said...

I see the village idiot (POV) offlined my post with a typical meaningless rant. He knows essential, unassailable truths are contained in that post showing his beliefs to be morally wrong and most of all hypocritical. LOL!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Stings don't it

PS come on and answer there pedophile POV, the small family farms are counting on it!!! LOL!!

PSS CONCENTRATE!! Food Safety and Modernization Act. LOL!!

Johnny Rico said...

Quite a large post to ignore isn't it lemming socialist sheep POV? To ignore it also means you support the Food Safety and Modernization Act, right? If not, explain. Idiot.


Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Grady Tarleton

Stings don't it

Liberal POV said...


I know absolutly nothing about the Food Safety and Modernization Act.