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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!


Liberal POV said...


Fantastic! One of, No your most positive post.
No profit just great humanity. No Fox promotion!

No hate! No fear! No Whining!

Johnny Rico said...

No, we are not a Christian nation are we? LOL!! I bet Liberal Socialist Sheep POV hated admitting defeat due to this excellant video proclaiming CHRIST as our KING. This was one of the best.

Johnny Rico said...

Of course Liberal Socialist sheep lemming fluffer POV is probably worried this food court singing a Christian song proclaiming JESUS CHRIST the KING will offend someone. You never hear him saying it might have SAVED someone though. Good one Blogger.

Liberal POV - Christ is King. He died horribly on the cross for YOUR sins. Repent.

Liberal POV said...


Evangelizing with terror is not a new Christian concept or religious concept for that matter.

No, thinks Johnny I don't want your kind of religion if it requires terrorism.

Liberal POV said...


You may want to reread my post.

I said this was Bloggers most positive post because it had no hate, no fear and no whining.

I see you just had to insert all th this thread.

Johnny Rico said...

No hate here POV. Just inviting you to have faith in Jesus Christ our almighty saviour. Not sure where you get the terrorism thing. You must be referring to Islam - you know the false religion who stones women, instigates Jihad in unknowing young men, covors women's faces in shame, and, yes, blows people up who are not part of their religion (tolerant bunch aren't they?)

Is this the religion of terror you refer to?


Barbara G.

Johnny Rico

Another one he won't be able to answer!!! LOL

Johnny Rico said...

I won