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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Six Dirty Senators That Need to Go Down

Eight Republican senators on Tuesday voted to preserve earmark spending despite pressure from the Tea Party movement. THE DIRTY EIGHT

Sens. Thad Cochran (Miss.), Susan Collins (Maine), James Inhofe (Okla.), Dick Lugar (Ind.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Richard Shelby (Ala.) voted against an amendment to food-safety legislation that would have enacted a two-year ban on the spending items. Retiring Sen. George Voinovich (Ohio) and defeated Sen. Bob Bennett (Utah) also voted against it.

Cochran, Collins, Murkowski, and Shelby are all on the corrupt Appropriations Committee. Senators work to get on that committee because that is where they can rip off the most money from taxpayers. They also have no shame.


Johnny Rico said...

These Senators indeed need to go. I haven't heard much news on the Murkowski/Miller race in Alaska. Anyone have an update on that one? The Food Safety Legislation is really a law that will give an already overreaching Federal Govt. more control over the lives of us peons. Farmers that once sold produce locally will now be subject to "Food Safety" laws even though tainted local produce (very rare) doesn't sicken anyone outside the region it was produced in. So all those old mountain folks selling honey and apples on US 221 between Blowing Rock and Linville will now be subject to Federal Regulation. Thank God the Feds are watching out for us in this manner! Those dasterdly local produce growers are a threat to our nation.

What they are not saying here, is the Ecoli outbreaks were the result of ILLEGAL ALIENS who brought the ECOLI from Mexico. The liberal news media and corrupt politicians were careful to insulate the illegal aliens from any nexus to Ecoli even though it is a well known fact that illegal aliens carry TB, Ecoli and a host of other contagious diseases from Mexico.

But the American citizen gets to pay the price once again. Funny how illegal aliens run rampant with contagious diseases through our land and the mountain families on 221 are the ones paying the price.

It will be interesting to see if the newly elected Republicans have any guts to tackle the real issues like this.

Johnny Rico said...

Now that we are on the topic of Senators that need to go, Lugar is another one who is a real idiot. Lugar voted consistently against the 2nd Amendment for his entire career. Lugar defines the very essence of a RINO. This idiot should never have been elected in the first place. I wouldn't trust this idiot to lead a horse on a rope.

The new House has some pressing issues to tackle. The Patriot Act would be a good place to start. The freedom robbing piece of legislation started by RINO Bush is still stripping Americans of what precious little freedom we have left. I hear nothing of repealing this vile Act that allow government agents to spy on American citizens.

Another one is FOREIGN AID. Notice how the liberal news media as well as ALL politicians are staying as far away from this one as possible? You simply never hear the word FOREIGN AID used anymore. If we knew the staggering amount of American taxpayer money given to nations that hate us anyway, it would be enough to piss people off (except Socialist Sheep POV who isn't a person anyway). I wonder what Dick Lugar would have to say about the Billions of dollars in foreign aid we are giving other countries during the worst recession this country has seen since the Depression? I wonder what he would say about Foreign Aid when we are printing money to pay our debts to those same countries whom we are sending the aid to? Hard questions that I doubt will ever be addressed by those working in America's dirtiest jobs (politician).

Johnny Rico


guy fauleks said...

it is time to let these jerks know we are paying attention to them. Thier offices need to be flooded with calls, letters and emails. They should be questioned at every public appearance they make. Then they will learn that doing "business as usual" is over.

Honest Debate said...

I'm not turning on Inhofe. Sorry.

Johnny Rico said...

Are the newly elected goon politicians going to do anything about TSA goons touching the vaginas of 3 year old girls? It sends chills just to write this stuff which couldn't be conjured up on a horror novel any better than what is being done to American citizens at our nation's airports. Where is Murkowski and Lugar on this issue? What would Murkowski say to a TSA Agent feeling her nipples or private parts?

It is intersting that American citizens are groped, searched and treated as common criminals yet real criminals (illegal aliens) are now a protected class. Let's put this into perspective. A 3 year old American citizen is vaginally searched without a crime committed, and the federal government has abandoned all interior enforcement of our nations immigration laws. In other words, an illegal alien can get 3 DUIs and kill someone (already happened in Watauga County) and not be deported whilst American citizens are subject to scrutiny reserved for violent prison inmates?

I don't have much confidence in our new Congress to address these issues, and in fact I believe they will add to them if given the chance. Buses, trains and any other public transportation will be next for child molesting police to feel up 3 year old terrorists.

And the illegal aliens continue to take our jobs, fill our jails, use our hospitals, and utilize our services (welfare, in-state tuition, etc).

We have a lot of digging out to do with no one to dig out.

Johnny Rico said...

I saw the idiot Cullie Tarleton at Foggy Rock, the new restaurant in Blowing Rock last Tuesday. What an idiot. He was talking loudly on a cell phone about how the Republicans were gong to cut educationj spending. Same tired talking points that liberal spout year after year. I wanted to interrup him and let him know that gun owners had a large part in his defeat. You see, Cullie the commie Tarleton refused to bring "No Retreat" and "Emergency Powers" Legislation to the House floor as requested by Watauga County Residents. He also advocated against Sunday Hunting here in Watauga County. It was nice to see the sour grapes we stuffed in his well worn, stupid looking monkey mouth.

Foggy Rock seems to be a good place to eat, although the wait staff didn't seem to like the fact we came in in Buffalo Plaid and camoflauge. I guess that type of clientele is not politically correct and they seem to be non-tolerant as liberals usually are. Or perhaps that one waitress just wasn't accustomed to deer hunters buying sustenance as they have done for over a hundred years in Blowing Rock.

Johnny Rico said...

Dan Souchek and the other Repubs we put in office better get on it or we will vote you out the very next time we get the chance. We already don't trust you because you are in a dirty job (politician), so don't screw this goldon opportunity we have given you. North Carolina residents should be able to carry a concealed weapon without a license of any sort starting immediately. How can a fundamental, Constitutional Right be regulated? Also, the pistol permit process that liberal socialist Sheriffs like Hagaman have brought to bear agains law abiding residents such as myself needs to go. Why do I need permission from an elected official to exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights in light of the fact that to buy a gun i must undergo the Instant Background Check anyway? We got rid of Commie Tarleton to give you a BRIEF chance at doing something right Soucek and gang. Again, don't screw us over or your on your way to being out of a job the next election. Do a good job and you won't hear anything from us. We shouldn't have to congratulate anyone for simply doing their job.

Honest Debate said...

I support the earmark ban but not because it will save money, it won't. My research has convinced me of that. It would just let Obama choose how to spend the same money. I think that would be good because the blame would be squarely on him instead of spread out over 535 Congressmen. It will also help prevent bad legislation.

I hope it comes back up and I think it will but spending can be reduced without eliminating earmarks. Bad legislation can be prevented without eliminating earmarks. Let's see if that happens. It's not a hill I'm willing to die on.

Honest Debate said...

"We shouldn't have to congratulate anyone for simply doing their job." -Johnny Rico

I absolutely agree.

Liberal POV said...


"What they are not saying here, is the Ecoli outbreaks were the result of ILLEGAL ALIENS who brought the ECOLI from Mexico. The liberal news media and corrupt politicians were careful to insulate the illegal aliens from any nexus to Ecoli even though it is a well known fact that illegal aliens carry TB, Ecoli and a host of other contagious diseases from Mexico."

Absolute Ignorance!!! Bigotry!! and Stupidity!

I've spent a good bit of time in Mexico and found the food markets extremely clean as are the people.

Chickens are killed fresh daily with the head left on so the consumer can see the eye hasn't had time to cloud over or deteriorate. Restaurant cooks in some places go so far as to wear a mask while cooking.

HD, Mike D, Reader are you going to give Johnny a pass on such blatant racist statements?

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV said:

"I've spent a good bit of time in Mexico and found the food markets extremely clean as are the people."

Your observations are ignorant, untrue (as usual), and miss the mark.

I have spent more time in Mexico than you have, and that society is a dirty third world cesspool of ignorance and lies. While you were in Mexico did you happen to stop by the corner pharmacy and recieve a shot of penecillian by the uneducated "pharmacist" behind the counter? Happens everyday in that country which certainly adds to the drug resistant diseases such as MERSI, TB, and Streppococci.

The food markets you speak so grandly of. They are not regulated in any way which, by your standards of big government intrustion into the lives of Americans, means they should be, right? LOL!!! Uh oh, your feigned outrage is starting to slip away due to your own arrogant ignorance!! LOL!!! The term "Montezuma's Revenge" represents Mexico's unclean drinking water. How is the water, the same water used in the local markets you speak so grandly of to wash those dead chickens and produce, so contaminated? The reason is fecal material from open sewers comingles with the drinking water which contaminates the food with ecoli, giadaria, typhus and a host of other disease. Mexico never developed water sanitation and sewage disposal systems like we did here in the US. Many of the leaky water pipes in Mexico run alongside leaky sewer pipes or even in trenches full of filth. Go to a Carne Asada shop in Mexico and see if you really feel like eating that good carne asada after thousands of free ranging flies have blown (layed eggs) on the hanging meat. You need to spend a little more time in real Mexico and not some American rip off resort town like Cancun before claiming to be a Mexico expert.

As for the people being clean, that is certainly untrue. Illegal aliens from Mexico entering this country each day carry Super-TB resistant to many of today's most powerful drugs. Not a peep from the news media on that one just as they fail to report on ecoli and illegal alien farm laborers. Name an ecoli outbreak that occured before the dirty, stinking illegal aliens became so pervasive in our once great country? Uh huh, you can't. LOL!!!! The correlations are just to timely and immense for you to prove otherwise.

Think about it for a second you slug of an idiot. We can trace mad cow disease to the very cow that contracted it, yet we somehow seem to have a hard time finding out which farm killed several Americans with ecoli? They know which farm, and probably which illegal aliens did it,but they will never report on that. This however is the type of subtefuge and government you advocate for isn't it? I find it funny that the brown people from Mexico hate you just like any other white person, yet you support them over fellow Americans. LOL!!! I bet your are smarting from yet another easily won defeat by sister Rico!!!!!

Remember all the cruise ships that passengers got sickened from recently? Mexicans work on those ships by the hundreds - another fact you won't hear. Bedbug outbreaks in our big cities - Mexico is rife with bedbugs - another correlating fact you won't hear from the liberal news media or dirty politicians.

Just as dirty, lying illegal aliens dumb down our schools, run our hospitals out of business, and fill our jails, they also spread disease and pestilance like some Biblican plauge.

If it is the truth that bothers you so much, then perhaps you should go over to the Watch where they lie and censor. LOL!!!!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS I won

Johnny Rico said...


I only posted this once. Not sure why it did repeat postings.

Maybe your system recognizes Liberal Socialist Sheep for the Idiot he is and reposted it multiple times in hopes it would make it through the common sense filter that all liberals have installed in their tiny minds.

Liberal POV said...


Which is it?

You want food safety and clean mountain streams protected from polluters by strict enforcement?

You want FDA regulations on drugs now?

Your want a public health system to reduce the spread of disease to the rest of society?
You believe unregulated capitalism in Mexico goes too far.
Except for your bigorty you now sound like a liberal.

Johnny Rico said...

I posed those questions to highlight YOUR hypocrisy. I don't believe in government intervention in the personal lives of citizens. You, on the other hand, spout all kinds of garbage regarding the need for increased rules and regulations over US citizens. Then you go on to yap about how clean the dirty, nasty Mexicans are. My post has exposed you once again. This is not a hard thing to do, and when you begin to offline and get emotional it shows me that I have once again reduced you to the dogpile of liberal shat that you are!!! LOL!!!!

Blogger, he went from calling me a bigot to calling me a liberal. This idiot doesn't know if he is going or coming.

Liberal Socialist Sheep, do you know how to procreate, or eat, or sneeze? It is amazing that folks like you are able to survive living. LOL!!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS This ought to be interesting

Honest Debate said...

I'm a little surprised Olympia Snowe wasn't on that list.

Sarkazein said...

How about, all the Congressmen pick their earmarks, then all the earmarks, individually, are voted on. If they pass they pass. If they are voted down, the earmarks are eliminated along with the dollar amount from the budget. If they are not voted on and the dollar amount is not deducted from the budget, Obama gets the money. If they are voted down, the budget goes down.
Then all Congressmen has to be on record for voting for some of this wasteful spending.

Honest Debate said...

Makes too much sense Sark.

Anonymous said...

Johnny seems to have lost her insurance. Sure sounds like she's off her meds again.

Sarkazein said...

Johnny Rico's comment (December 1, 2010 4:58 PM)
is the unvarnished truth about Mexico. Sad but true. Liberal POV goes on to tell us how wonderful Mexico is while its own people are leaving it in droves. Murders and kidnappings are by the thousands near the border. Drug gangs are taking over the country and the respect for life is lost.
You can present POV and most other liberals with the true reality, but they will ignore it. Ignorance is bliss.
To a liberal, politics is a form of escapism.
While socialist countries all over Europe are in financial failure, and our own country continues to bend under the weight of our own socialism, the liberals continue to see the beauty of socialism and want more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Sark: So if people feel they need to leave their homes and families in order to travel elsewhere for decent income, their place of origin shold be deemed somewhat lesser than any other place????

OK, what does that say about the great state of Tennessee, one that's so conservative-friendly that it refuses to force an income tax on its citizens, when its toothless horde sneeks across our border each day to slink off to jobs that real North Carolinians should hold in Boone, Wilkesboro, Lenoir and Hickory?

Still waiting to see the backup on Johnny's medless claim that "it is a well known fact" that tainted Mexicans, as opposed to, say, corner-cutting corporate farming practices that expose produce to ridiculous levels of animal fecal matter, are the reason we've seen ecoli outbreaks of late.

Blogger said...

“I've spent a good bit of time in Mexico and found the food markets extremely clean as are the people."

Many times Lib, in order to make his cases, spins out of control. I once drove all the way from Boone to Managua Nicaragua. Obviously, I saw a lot of Mexico. Everything that Rico said is true and then some. Fortunately, having served in Central America in the Peace Corps, I knew how to take care of myself. If I had not, I might not be here today to write this. Actually, I almost did do myself in, not because I didn’t follow the rules, but because I did. Before going to sleep each night in the motels, I needed to spray for fleas and bedbugs. I damn near killed myself from the insecticide I sprayed in the pillows.

One time in Honduras, my Honduran counterpart was trying to macho me into drinking the water. I responded: “Pineda, one third of your people are dead by the time they are six years old. Those who survive, are a super race. You are one of those supermen.” He thought that was hilarious and never tried to challenge me again as we traveled throughout the country.

Liberal POV said...


So you did find old people in Mexico?

Yes, streams are polluted as is the air around Mexico City environmental laws don't exist all the things conservative want to eliminate here.

I should explain the areas I was in were around Puebla, Tlaxcala and Xalapa and the markets were clean as were the restaurants and the people. I did drink bottled water.

Yes, you're correct the Mexican government have been corrupt from the start allowing Mexico to be controlled by just a few extremely wealthy families. Because of the repression and limited income opportunities and greed gangs control border towns. Gangs are the symptom of a failed society.

The areas I was in felt very safe ( safer than many American Cities ) as families were out walking around at night and no one look fearful.

Many of the problems you point out come with Irresponsible capitalim failing to support the society and enviroment in exsist within and the government of that nation failing to demand fair wages and opportunity.

Much of what conservatives say they want can be found in Mexico as for a deregulation, lax enviromental laws, lax food safety standards, low wages, lax safety laws.

guy faulkes said...

Liberalproverbs18:2, if you think Mexico is Utopia, you could always become an "undocumented worker" in whatever portion you feel is sublime. If you choose not to do so, then I guess your actions speak louder than your words.

Anonymous you have an interesting view of Tennessee. Maybe you can explain so many of the college faculty and staff decide to live there. Could it be because of lower taxes and a better standard of living? Maybe the county officials there are responsible and have not incurred vast amounts of useless debt. Now that the commission here has changed, maybe we can catch up in fiscal responsibility.

By the way, on behalf of those that reside in Tennessee, may I ask how many teeth you and your family have and if your family tree forks?

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal Socialist Sheep POV thinks Mexico is utopia! What an idiot. What is there to like about a corrupt, filthy, socialist, despot-ruled country who can't keep law and order? Only a liberal who doesn't have to live or work there would find favor with such an oppressive regime. Then again liberal socialist sheep pov (notice lower case) is a pedophile who spit on returning Vietnam Veterans and was proud of it. LOL!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico