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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Foxx and Soucek Both to Education

NewGuy has just left a new comment on the post "Dan Soucek--The Future":
"Soucek, Preston, Tillman selected to chair education committee
See article in Today's Democrat"

I had just that moment written the following e-mail to Representative Foxx which I then copied to Dan.

Dan, Congratulations on your appointment. As one who attended 10 years of higher education and taught in the system for over 40 years, I think a lot about the subject.

I had just e-mailed the following to Rep. Virginia Foxx when the announcement of your appointment came over the wire:

Virginia, Congratulations on your appointment as chair of the U.S. House subcommittee on higher education. Obviously, you are well prepared for the role, and your conservative credentials cap it off. There are two problems I see in higher education. One is the attempt by community colleges to become universities and to depart from their original purpose. The second is the serious entropy in the universities as professors are forced into activities not directly involved in teaching.

Lately, I have been hearing leaders saying that a purpose of government is to empower the people. When people ask me what institutions a conservative might believe in, I always point to the community college system as it existed in the beginning and before many decided to be third rate copies of universities.

Another subject I have heard is that our higher education system is the best thing America has going for it as we compete in a global economy. My experience taught me that the universities are far more expensive than they need to be. Parents, taxpayers, are not getting what they think they are paying for.

I look forward to reading your reports.

Dan, Again congratulations, and I will look forward to your reports as well. If I can help in anyway, let me know.


NewGuy said...

Good post blogger....the email is right on target.

I received the following in my email today. It's origin is the "national Inflation Association"...I'm not familiar with them but they seem to be advocates for precious metal investments. Nontehless, this particular item is stands on its own.

"Colleges will begin to go bankrupt and close their doors.

We have a college education bubble in America that was made possible by the U.S. government's willingness to give out cheap and easy student loans. With all of the technological advances that have been taking place worldwide, the cost for a college education in America should be getting cheaper. Instead, private four-year colleges have averaged 5.6% tuition inflation over the past six years.

College tuitions are the one thing in America that never declined in price during the panic of 2008. Despite collapsing stock market and Real Estate prices, college tuition costs surged to new highs as Americans instinctively sought to become better educated in order to better ride out and survive the economic crisis. Unfortunately, American students who overpaid for college educations are graduating and finding out that their degrees are worthless and no jobs are available for them. They would have been better off going straight into the work force and investing their money into gold and silver. That way, they would have real wealth today instead of debt and would already have valuable work place experience, which is much more important than any piece of paper.

Colleges and universities took on ambitious construction projects and built new libraries, gyms, and sporting venues, that added no value to the education of students. These projects were intended for the sole purpose of impressing students and their families. The administrators of these colleges knew that no matter how high tuitions rose, students would be able to simply borrow more from the government in order to pay them.
Americans today can purchase just about any type of good on, cheaper than they can find it in retail stores. This is because is a lot more efficient and doesn't have the overhead costs of brick and mortar retailers. NIA expects to see a new trend of Americans seeking to become educated cheaply over the Internet. There will be a huge drop off in demand for traditional college degrees. NIA expects to see many colleges default on their debts in 2011. These colleges will be forced to either downsize and educate students more cost effectively or close their doors for good."

Johnny Rico said...

Good post New Guy. You really layed it out the way folks need to hear it.

Anonymous said...

On a related topic, The Watauga Watch has a thread about education where someone was allowed to post a question Williamson agreed with as Anonymous, but when the question was answered using Anonymous, it was censored. That blog is pitiful. If HD and Blogger ran this one that way, Liberal POV would never be allowed to post anything.

Anonymous said...

I get the Foxx appointment. Former president of a community college....doctorate in education.....I don't agree with her views, but the appointment makes sense.

Just wondering.....Aside from once serving as a volunteer cross country assistant at Watauga High, a post he openly leveraged to recruit student attendees for his evangelical YoungLife meetings, what are Soucek's qualifications to serve as a co-chair of the state's education committee?

Does he even enroll his kids in the Watauga County school system? Has he been a grade parent or a PTO officer? What's the deal?

Johnny Rico said...

Watauga Watch is about done as a site. JW Williamson killed that blog off in exactly the manner socialism kills off productivity.

Makes you wonder what kind of professor Williamson was. My guess is many, many students punished by simply disagreing with the small minded, biased idiot.