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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Michelle Starts Students First

Guy Faulkes, faithful and astute commenter requested the following:
Michelle RheeMichelle Rhee has been working for the last 18 years to give children the skills and knowledge they will need to compete in a changing world. From adding instructional time after school and visiting students' homes as a third grade teacher in Baltimore, to hosting hundreds of community meetings and creating a Youth Cabinet to bring students' voices into reforming the DC Public Schools, she has always been guided by one core principle: put students first. (Quoted from her webpage.)
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guy faulkes said...

Here is the site that gives summaries of Ms Rhee's proposals.

Everyone may want to look a it before commenting.

In my opinion, Ms Rhee is on track. She is in favor of parental involvement in education, rewarding teachers that do a good job with more money and benefits, ending tenure so that teachers that preform poorly can be eliminated, and allowing the money that would have been spent on a student in a public school to instead be used for an alternative form of education such as private school.

I heartily agree with all of those propositions. The public school system is in bad shape, primarily because (as Ms. Rhee says) adults have undermined the system for their benefit instead of the benefit of the students. The teachers unions are the main culprits in my opinion followed by government bureaucracies that try to justify their existence instead of serving the student. Local control is best, but is dieing.

Many parents have started home schooling their children for these reasons. I believe Cindy does this. I would like to hear her reasoning for doing so. I would also like to know if she feels her children are missing out on education that is provided by social functions of a school.

My firm belief is that it was my obligation to educate my daughter and my wife and I did so. We also removed her from public school and placed her in a private school because she felt she was being persecuted for her religious beliefs. This incident involved a young man that was allowed to spend an entire class presenting his atheist views. She was very upset when she was not allowed to rebut him. Her exact words were "Daddy you can beat me to death before I will go back in that class!" She had no desire to push her views on others but wanted to be able to object to others' views being pushed on her.

It is the duty of parents to instill in their children a love for learning, especially reading. All kids are interested in something and all you have to do is get them reading about it. Also it is important to make kids understand that math is nothing to be scared of. It is at worst a puzzle that is fun to solve and at best something they can use to accomplish a goal. The government will not and cannot so this. We have to do it ourselves.

Another concern about public schools is the revisionist history that is now being taught and the vast amount of history to which our kids are never exposed. Follow this concern with the fact our students are in classes that are made less eficient because many of their members cannot even speak English

This subject gets me to fired up. I am about to type a book. Sorry.

Blogger said...

Guy, Looks like she is scaring the pants off the teachers' unions. She is obviously threatening them.

guy faulkes said...

Something hs to be done. We cannot pay a good teacher to much. We cannot afford to keep a bad teacher.

If we cannot bring back public schools to a decent level of competency, then we are going to have to let parents use the money these schools would have received for their children's education to gain them an education through another option.

Blogger said...

Guy, did you see this yesterday in Wall Street Journal?

Blogger said...

Guy Also in yesterday's Wall Street Journal

guy faulkes said...

Bloger, thank you for the links. The more I read about Ms. Rhee and her proposals, the better like them. The sad thing is that none of these ideas are new. They have been around for years, but no one has consolidated them and established an organized push for their implementation.

She has a hard row to hoe because the teachers unions and the education bureaucracies are very powerful They certainly recognize the threat this program is to the status quot. They do not want common sense solutions to our failing education systems.

Johnny Rico said...

Let's hope Rhee busts the teacher's union. I notice, that apart from them running from the Tucson incident, the Liberal POVs have nothing to say on this post either. It is hard to argue that the teacher's union supports inferior teachers. As a matter of fact, all unions are bad. LOL.

Johnny Rico

guy faulkes said...

I attended a shooting match Saturday. After the match, we were discussing the school situation while waiting for the scores to be posted. Ms. Rhee's polices were favorably considered by everyone. I did not have to bring them up. Apparently she is gaining ground around the state with these proposals.