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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Lessons from Tucson About Liberals

Have you noticed the typical ploys used by the liberals who comment on our blog? Unable to accept evidence that contradicts their theories, they become like the parent who spanks his child. Later, realizing his child was innocent, rather then manning up and apologizing, the parent says “Well, knowing you, you could have been guilty.”

One TV commenter today noted another characteristic of Liberals. They are so convinced of their superior ideas that when someone engages them in debate, they accuse the debater of engaging in hate speech.


guy faulkes said...

This thread portrays excellent observations. However, the tactics discussed are not just used by the leftie commentators here. They are typical of the left as a whole. They never admit to a mistake, they cannot contend with the use of logic, so they have to use personal attacks.

This is true even of the smartest of them. It is no wonder the left has been trained to chant La La La La La.

Blogger, at some point could you start a thread on education? i think it would be interesting to discuss the Michell Rhee's Students First program, vouchers for education, and home schooling.

Johnny Rico said...


A succint assessment of liberal socialist playbook tactics. Argue with a liberal face to face and most of them back down and backstab you at a later time. I have never met a liberal who could argue the point woman to man. This is why most of them hide in cyberspace and spew garbage like a horse with diarrhea.

I heard from friends taking classes at ASU that JW Williamson, used his official position to disparage and make fun of students who disagreed with his flawed logic. I wouldn't be surprised if their grades weren't affected by their personal beliefs too. Censorship has many forms. LOL!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Sarkazein said...

Blogger- It is true, hate speech to the liberal is disagreement with his/her liberal ideas. Then calling anyone disagreeing with them racists and homophobes which is, in fact, hate speech. Calling a Socialist a Socialist, to the liberal, is racist and hate speech. Yet, calling a person who believes our immigration laws should be upheld a xenophobe is not. Truly a mental disorder.

Johnny Rico said...

The liberal socialists still have not apologized to me or anyone else over their gross call for Tea Party blood 3 days ago. Why don't they apologize for their errors - after all they are/were wrong? I also see the Village Idiots (POV and the other posters using his appropriate name) aren't as virulent as they usually are. In other words, they are running in shame. POVs, are you guys trying to figure out how to spin your error? LOL!! Fantastic!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Blogger said...

Guy "Calling a Socialist a Socialist, to the liberal, is racist and hate speech"

Guy, did you hear Moira Liason say exactly that on the Fox News panel. Brit Hume had to remind her that Sen Bernie Saunders wears the Socialist level with pride. Oops.

guy faulkes said...


Yes, I saw that. This falls right in line with liberals saying talking about illegal aliens is racist. What race do they think all illegal aliens are? Recently I have read about these criminals that are Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanics that come from several different countries. They all were caught crossing our southern border.

Also, did you see the poll about whether illegal aliens should be called illegal immigrants, undocumented workers, or undocumented immigrants instead of illegal aliens? They did not give you the correct choice which is criminals.

Johnny Rico said...

Good one guy. All illegal aliens should be called illegal alien criminals. They have torn our country apart and need deporting post haste to that third world cesspool of a corrupt country from which the came.

Liberal POV said...


"This falls right in line with liberals saying talking about illegal aliens is racist."
Where I called you a racist? I called you a bigot.

You choose the least powerful segment of American society to demonize and dehumanize with the words criminal.
Who is committing the greater sin Guy bulling, dehumanizing and demonizing fellow Christians and fellow human beings just trying to make a better life for their families with opportunities for their children to be educated and live in a just society or the poor Spanish speaking worker refusing to let a political border decide their future fate?
a convicted criminal lawbreaker, offender, villain, delinquent, felon, convict, malefactor, wrongdoer, culprit, miscreant; thief, burglar, robber, armed robber, gunman, gangster, terrorist; informal crook, con, jailbird, hood, yardbird, perp; Law malfeasant.
1 criminal conduct unlawful, illegal, illicit, lawless, felonious, delinquent, fraudulent, actionable, culpable; villainous, nefarious, corrupt, wrong, bad, evil, wicked, iniquitous; informal crooked; Law malfeasant."

The truth these people have broken laws equal to a speeding ticket or parking violation.

G.I.G said...

LPOV, how many criminals do you employ or have employed ? There has to be a reason for your undying love of criminals to defend them so vigorously.

Liberal POV said...


I refuse to play in your mob of bigots targeting hard working people who clean toilets install roofing, sheet rock, insulation, trim Christmas trees and mow lawns with no wealth or political power.

This is the morality of the conservative movements and their familiy values?

guy faulkes said...

Liberalproverbs18:2 is dodging again. He has no shame.