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Thursday, January 27, 2011

REPRESENTATIVE JONATHAN JORDAN NC House District 93 Deputy Majority Whip

Jonathan Jordan was sworn in as our new NC Representative on Sunday, January 23, 2011. Welcoming remarks were made by NC Representative Dale Folwell, Speaker pro tempore (Forsyth). Rep. Folwell announced that Jonathan's peers had elected him Deputy Majority Whip; quite an honor for a first-term representative! The Oath of Office was administered by 23rd District Court Judge David V. Byrd. Rep. Jordan pledged that citizens "from Blowing Rock to Lansing" would be represented well. He stressed the importance of placing "necessities over niceties" as the General Assembly deals with the state's indebtedness. Jonathan read from Matthew 20:25-28, the passage in which Christ stated he did not come to be served but to serve. Rep. Jordan pledged to be that type of public servant, and asked for his constituents' prayers, support, and input. (From WCRP-E-news.


Johnny Rico said...

I don't know much about Mr. Jordan. Getting ready to draft letters to state representatives, including Jordan, concerning the need to rectify Constitutuional violations of our 2nd Amendment perpetrated by liberals over the past 100 years. Does anyone know if this guy supports the 2nd Amendment or is he a RINO? Thank you

Johnny Rico

Blogger said...

He does.

Johnny Rico said...

Excellant Blogger, getting ready to put him to the test and Souchek too.

Our 2nd Amendment rights are essential to our other freedoms which are also rapidly diminishing. The liberal oppressors will take all rights away if given the chance in their quest to turn us into a caricature of EuroAnimalFarm Trash.

The one good thing we have going for us is the lunacy of people like Liberal POVs who can't speak a complete sentence or make a plausable point as well as the idiot we have in the White House who keeps pushing himself deeper into political oblivion one teleprompter aided speech at a time.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS The doorway to all freedoms is framed with muskets

Anonymous said...

I think this guy is going to turn out to be great!