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Monday, January 10, 2011

Treating the Resistant Mentally Ill

Guy Faulkes asked: "Blogger, do you have an opinion on how to treat those that do not think they need it while maintaining protection of their civil rights? This is a complex issue, indeed."

The most common sense approach to the problem is advocated by the The Treatment Advocacy Center

Adding a little to that, one of the most important changes in helping the brain disordered has been an enlightened shift in the way treatment services are paid for by Medicaid. Just in the past few years, they have begun shifting funds from visits to the mental health offices and instead they are paying the professionals to go out where the people are. Now, rather than hoping the disturbed people would come to them, the mental health personnel get paid for going to the clients. The workers can visit them in their homes, group living centers, under bridges, or wherever they find them. They can check if they are taking their medications and provide support. This movement has been a great leap forward, that is, if it is done well.

Thanks for asking and I hope you are interested enough as a citizen to learn all you can.


guy faulkes said...

Thank you for the links. This is a very important issue. These people need help while at the same time atrocities such as desired by the Sheriff of Pima County, Az. have to be curtailed. This man would try to hospitalize or jail anyone that disagrees with him.

It makes much more sense and is much more fiscally responsible to provide treatment for those with mental disorders than to either ignore them or jail them. And no Liberalproverbs18:2, this is not soley a matter of health care. It is also a matter of crime control and civil rights.

There has to be a review process that determines the need for this care just like there has to be a jury trial for criminals. This insures one's civil rights are not violated.

Reader said...

Blogger, thank you for the information. Maybe this is something that Dan could work on in the future. I noticed NC is severe in shortages of beds. I know people who need help, but don't know how to go about helping them. I'll continue to read and learn.

Johnny Rico said...

I don't think we have a problem in the United States with mentally ill people. The problem rests with the liberals who are, by nature, mentally ill.

Johnny Rico