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Friday, February 4, 2011

Michelle Tickles Charlotte's Ribs

Michelle Wrong NC Town


Liberal POV said...


You may have to explain this pettiness to to me as Newsmax can get nothing correct.

Salisbury and Lexington are less then and hour away and there will be 35,000 hungery good Democratsfor several days.

The Bar-B-Que places from all over the area will be catering food.

Johnny 'Rocket" Rico said...

Pettiness. How is ethnic food pettiness? The word "ethnic food" was invented by liberal and is very racist. Food is food. Now that is petty.

Your ole pal

PS You never answered me about the Caliphate in the Middle East. Did I embarass you again? LOL

Sarah Jenkiningly

Johnny Rico said...

I've got another "rib tickler" to talk about. Has anyone noticed the newspaper "The Blowing Rocket" is down to 6 pages now? Liberal Socialist Editor Jeff Eason has nearly put that once great publication out of business. Very rarely do we see letters to the editor, yet we are force fed Eason's own liberal views on a constant basis.

Recently the idiot Eason tried to turn the Tuscon tradgedy into a gun control issue. He says that conservative rhetoric combined with high-capacity magazines are the reasons for the shooting (God forbid we identify Loughner as the reason).

This coming from the same dunce who hammered Virginia Foxx and George Bush constantly. Ok for Eason and the other Watauga Watch idiots to engage in heated political rhetoric but no one else.

When the Blowing Rocket finally does go under, I wonder what excuse the idiot Eason will have?
Like most liberal socialist sheep, he will probably try and blame it on a conservative. LOL!!!

I miss Jerry Burns as editor of the Blowing Rocket. He didn't always agree with the conservative view, but he never tried to stifle opinions not consistent with his own. Jeff Eason on the other hand is a true socialist who prints lies and trash in hopes of spreading his brand of socialism to the citizens of Blowing Rock.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

George McDanielsionly

This ought to get you socialist liberals going!! LOL!!1

Eason, you idiot, you out there?

Sarkazein said...

I only caught a few seconds of the Obama/Bill O'Reilly interview. It was the part where Obama was laughing off the part about him being the most divisive President in modern history. It put me in mind of Perot laughing about loosing his Presidential election... it's intentional.

Sarkazein said...

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A freshman Tennessee legislator credits her success in politics and business to the time she spent working at a restaurant chain known for buxom waitresses in tank tops and short shorts.
Republican state Rep. Julia Hurley, 29, won her November election by knocking off the Democratic incumbent in a conservative district west of Knoxville, but she says it was while working as a "Hooter's Girl" that she began honing her business sense and networking skills.///