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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Watauga GOP 2011 Convention Hears from Rep. Jordan

We heard from NC Representative Jonathan Jordan. Jonathan also described how hard it has been for the Democrats to accept their minority status. With a laugh he told us that one of the most powerful former Democrats sits two seats from him. In my mind’s eye, I saw a jumping box when Jonathan described how many times the man jumps to his feet to sound off.

Jonathan told us not to dismay when the Governor vetoes significant Republican bills. He informed us that just because the bills are vetoed does not mean they are gone. Jonathan made them sound like Lazarus suddenly rising from the dead.

Jonathan described how the Democrats are just like the national ones. He said that every paragraph proposed by Republicans can be greeted by such charges that “children won’t get an education.” “People will be denied health care.” “Old people will suffer.” He says this goes on “paragraph by paragraph.”

Jonathan is already a primary sponsor of seven bills. He is also the Deputy Majority Whip which he says allows him that special role of knowing how all his colleagues vote. That gives him that extra edge of knowing how his colleagues think on bills, even the ones he is proposing.

As to this vetoing governor, Jonathan says we need to work for a governor next election who won’t be vetoing important bills.

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