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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Watauga GOP 2011 Convention Heard from U.S. Representative Foxx

We heard from U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx. She is proud of Speaker John Boehner. Virginia said she told him she was the best friend he has and that she would tell him when he was doing things right and she would tell him when he wasn’t. “The great thing, she says, is that he is doing everything right.”

She advised us to pay attention to what they were doing and not to let the media bother us. She then went over what is happening. As many of us know, the Democrats never completed their job last year and left without passing a budget. Now to keep the government from being shut down, the House has to keep passing continuing resolutions (CR’s). Everyone also probably knows that the House wants to save the taxpayers 61billion dollars but the Democrats who control the Senate and the president’s veto won’t let them. Dems only want four and a half billion.

This is where it gets good. House members gave them the CR for several weeks but the Dems had to give them four billion in tax payer savings. Harry Reid of course said “No way,” thus threatening a government shutdown. Then he and his fellow senators read the proposal and realized the cuts were those the president had proposed. So the Dems quickly passed the CR.

Now it is getting ready to happen again and this time the cost cutters are asking for six billion. And, again, the cuts are those the president asked for. Bottom line, is that Boehner and his troops will then have gotten way more than the original four and one half billion Harry Reid proposed.

Ain’t this fun?

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NewGuy said...

Actually blogger, I don't think its fun. But it IS necessary.

Last year, with Dems controlling the White House, The House of Representatives AND the Senate, they didn't ever pass a budget for fy 2011!

Instead, we are in the ridiculous position - half way through the fiscal year- of financing our government a couple of weeks at a time.

How many small business owners would operate that way? You can only do it when you are using other peoples money and can print all you want.

Harry Reid was publicly criticizing a house proposed cut in the National Endowment for the Arts because, according to Harry, it would reduce government funding for the Cowboy Poets Festival in Nevada.

Think about this a minute. If Harry Reid doesn't think we can even cut funding for a cowboy poet festival, then what in God's name does he consider 'non-essential'.

I mean, besides defense of our country.