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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sarkazein at Play

In case you missed this, Sark has been having fun on the conment page:

Sarkazein said..

Food Stamps up 39% and Limos up 73%

Food stamps UP

Under employment UP

Foreclosures UP

Presidential golf outings UP

Government liberals limos UP

Number of US involved wars UP

Number of WH parties UP

Michelle's dress size UP

Division of the country UP

Planned lay-offs UP

Government limo use UP

Most other currencies vs US Dollar UP

Gold and silver UP

Concerns of a Great Depression UP

Honest Debate then weighed in...

Number of federal employees UP

Number of lobbyist UP

Number of unconstitutional health care bills UP

Number of record deficits UP

Level of debt UP

Number of idle oil wells UP

Unemployment rate UP


NewGuy said...

Todays "UP"date.

Indictments against former Dem VP candidates.....UP

Unemployment rates......UP

Sarkazein said...

China divesting of US holdings UP

Sarkazein said...

Americans with no faith in economic recovery UP

Sarkazein said...

Number of "bumps in the road" to recovery UP

Sarkazein said...

Number of ultra-lame comments by high ranking Obama officials UP

NewGuy said...

Percentage of Americans who think that tax CUTS and spending DECREASES benefit the economy....UP

Sarkazein said...

Number of chili-dogs consumed while Mommy is not looking UP

Sarkazein said...

Number of millions of dollars spent to change food pyramid to food plate UP