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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Constitution Class


Johnny Rico said...

liberal pov and yacks,

You two dimwits need this class, bad. Pay special attention to the Bill of Rights and Constitutional Amendments. You will see the 2nd Amendment is an individual right applied to all Americans, regardless of race and sex (your gun control laws were formulated to disarm blacks and keep them oppressed).

Report back to us when you get done with this class.

Thank you

Johnny Rico

inquiring mind said...

The first class was excellent. Now let the discussion begin. We compared the Biblical View of government: 1) State is divinely ordained; 2) State authority is limited; 3) Leads to patriotism; 4) Results in a republic.

to the Pagan View:
1) State is divine; 2) State authority is unlimited; 3) Leads to state worship; 4) Results in tyranny.

Discussion: If God ordains government, does he ordain evil or ungodly rulers as well? If so, why?