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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Government Spending and Jobs

Video from the CATO institute....should be required viewing!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Obama will watch this before his speech tonight.

Blogger said...

One of the great outcomes of this critical year in our history being an election year, is that Americans are really paying attention. Normally, they don't until the last few weeks. They will be learning things the media never let them learn.

They will finally learn that Obama is not and never was, up to the task. They will come to some minimal understanding of Keynesian theory and why it is so destructive. They will also get to know their neighbors in the Tea Party and realize that they are them.

Sarkazein said...

The Republicans should be pounding Obama with the solar company bankruptcy. There are stories coming out about multiple trips to the WH buy the company's representatives before they were granted the multi- billion dollar loan or guaranty.
Obama was claiming that this was the government creating jobs. Jobs for bagmen maybe. Put this in his face day and night, because the mainstream media won't tie the two together.
Anyone that can get billions from the government and has to go into bankruptcy protection was scamming from the start.
Obama got huge campaign donations from the principals of the solar company. The FBI is investigating now. This will prove to be the dirties President ever. He may put it off on Emanuel, but Obama has a history of dealing with financial crooks.

Sarkazein said...

Pardon me. should read multi- million dollar loans not billion above comment