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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama Campaigning In North Carolina on Taxpayer Dollar

Ostensibly campaigning in support of his "jobs plan", Obama is once again focusing on a swing state key to his chances in 2012. This time North Carolina will once again be "blessed" with his presence as he visits an Apex company "WestStar Precision".

It's probably just a coincidence that the owner of WestStar, Ervin Portman, is himself a Democrat politician - a County Commissioner in Wake County who,(in a further coincidence) donated $1000.00 to Obama's '08 campaign.

But, this is probably really NOT about presidential election's about JOBS and thus the whole trip, including the NC State visit, is paid for by the taxpayer thus saving Obama's campaign money for future use.

And WestStar was picked for this visit because this IS a company that has created jobs even in this bad economy. They opened up and have staffed a new 10,000 Square foot facility intended to manufacture and serve their international markets.

Unfortunately, this facility is in Costa Rica!

But, at least they are jobs!

Mr. Portman was quoted as saying, the move was to: “take advantage of low labor costs.”


Anonymous said...

Obama doesn't seem to know the difference.

guy faulkes said...

What is the difference in Obama campaigning with taxpayer dollars and using taxpayer dollars for entitlement programs for the purpose of buying votes?

I can see little.

NewGuy said...

Obama appoints GE CEO Jeff Immelt as head of his "jobs council"...Immelt has moved more jobs overseas than probably any other executive. He should have been appointed as CHINA'S job czar, not the USA!

Obama's people raid and close down AMERICAN company Gibson guitar because they allegedly are not importing wood finished overseas but are allegedly finishing it here with us workers. That is going to be helpful to US jobs.

Obama's NLRB sues Boeing for opening up a plant in SC employing thousands of people. How does this encourage companies to expand in the US? Boeing would probably have been better off opening the plant in Juarez!

Yesterday he travels to APEX to tout his jobs plan - and chooses to do it at a plant owned by a Dem Politician who, coincidentally, recently opened up HIS new plant in Costa Rica!

You want a jobs plan? Here's one...FIRE OBAMA!

NewGuy said...

At least the house is trying to do something to save American JOBS>

From Washington Post..

In a statement Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) praised the House vote as a move by the chamber to “remove another obstacle to private-sector job creation and long-term economic growth.”

“This bill blocks the federal government’s National Labor Relations Board from telling businesses where they can and can’t create new jobs,” Boehner said.

“It’s absurd that the federal government would stop American employers from creating new jobs here at home when millions are out of work and the unemployment rate exceeds nine percent. Under this Administration, American companies are free to create jobs in China but they aren’t free to create them in South Carolina. I’m hopeful that the Senate will join us in taking swift action, and help give American job creators the certainty they need to plan and put Americans back to work.”