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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Obama Speech - It's ALL about JOBS

It's all about jobs.

His, and Joe Biden's.

It was purely a campaign speech designed to transfer some of the ownership of the bad economy. You know, the one he promised to fix - the one where he promised to cut the deficit in half during his first term, the one that he said he "accepted ownership" of?
Yes, THAT economy....and after the first trillion dollars in giveaway stimulus programs didn't work, now he wants to pour another half a trillion of borrowed money into it.

Yes, he says "it will all be paid for"...but he didn't say how...................and he didn't say when.

As near as I can tell, what he is proposing is that we spend nearly half a trillion dollars from the public treasury NOW....and we will pay it back over the next ten years. Pay it back how? Well....of course that's the issue. Pay it back by reducing the amount of increases we would otherwise project to take place? In other words, if we spend half a trillion now to help him get reelected, he is promising that future congresses will budget smaller increases in government spending than they otherwise would? - and that this "reduction" will save enough to pay back the half a tril!

He doesn't say however, how he expects to control what future congresses will do.


NewGuy said...

This will also give him the opportunity to travel around the country campaigning for re-election. Since he will characterize this campaigning as "supporting" his jobs bill, he will - of course- bill it to the taxpayers.

Sarkazein said...

Since there is no bill, I guess the same people who wrote the Obama-care bill (not the Obama administration) will give us a few more hundred pages of bureaucratic double speak. Pass it now, read it later... find out what's in it.
No thanks!

guy faulkes said...