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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Snapshots From Saturday's Tea Party Rally

Boone Tea Party's Gail Bedell

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Watauga GOP Vice Chair Tommy Adams

NC House Reps Darrell McCormick, Jonathan Jordan and State Senator Dan Soucek

Watauga County Commissioner David Blust taking a break

Watauga County Commissioner Vince Gable

Senator Dan Soucek talking to constituent
NC State Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby


Anonymous said...

Most of the people in these photos are not true tea partiers. They are usurpers, shills, and arrogant neo-con Repubs who are trying to identify with the real tea partiers.

The gutless Watauga Republican officials featured are in cahoots with their Watauga Democrat progressive pals.

Anonymous said...

How many of these people PUBLICLY profess to be a Tea Partier? Not at a rally, but in the media? Parasites!

2 4 T said...

Yes! Shame on these public officials for attending a politically oriented rally. We really need to get anonymous to come forward with an identity so that, in the future, we can get his/her confirmation as to who is qualified to go to tea party rallies. Maybe anon, you could screen people at the door since you apparently have appointed yourself as the arbiter as to the qualificatons for 'membership'.

Anonymous said...

2 4 T - Reread my comment.

I did not say they could or should not attend. Who knows? It might do some of them some good, altho' it is doubtful.

I am pointing out what they really are by their past actions.

Blogger said...

Hope we will get more on this Tea Party meeting. Anything you heard I will be grateful to hear from you.

guy faulkes said...

Pray describe a real tea partier to us.

The Tea Party contains all types of people that have come to believe in small government and conservative values.

What past actions do you dislike, Anonymous?

The only one I can think of is the proposed sales tax hike that was supposed to be earmarked for paying down the county's debt.

I did not like that proposal but could have lived with it if it had truly went to pay down debt and the issue not been hijacked by self serving teachers. To the commissioner's credit, they killed the proposal after the hijacking.

I, too, would like to hear more about the rally. I did not get to attend.

Anonymous said...

Like many of the Repubs agreeing with the County over the last few years to buy gobs of land for, (What was the final figure?) $16M plus, just for property.

Like many Repubs agreeing to build a new WHS, w/o a promised referendum, which costs $80M+, not counting subtantial interest, and which had several construction issues and problems since.

Like many Repubs agreeing to the County helping the special interest HCSA build a soccer complex, which cost taxpayers more millions and will be a continual cost to the County. And recently, the HCSA wants the use of more land.

Like Repubs who agreed with the conflict of interest Smitherman/Winkler property purchase, (What was the reason? Oh, for the children.)which had asphalt and construction debris, etc, and which some bragged the County could get $3.5M for.

Like many Repubs agreeing to help bail out Tweetsie.

Like the current BOC majority agreeing to accept the Farmland Protection Plan without reading it.
Plus, the BOC majority agreeing with just about everything Jim Deal says.

As to the sales tax increase proposal, the just seated BOC majority, at the beginning, were talking about the sales tax possibility, even after the resounding defeat last fall. But when they heard and faced the wrath of the taxpayers, the BOC majority rescinded it. It's amazing they did. But don't think the Repubs and thir Dem pals have given up on that idea.

Guy, you say you would have agreed to the sales tax increase, etc. but a tax increase is permanent, and when has any tax been used for its promised initial purpose? And when has an enacted tax ever been rescinded? The county, state, and feds already, for many decades, have stolen more than enough from the hard pressed taxpayers. But their solution, from a local to fed level, has always been to steal more and spend more. It's never to make real and substantial cuts in their bloated and increasing budgets.

How about the property tax revaluation? Oh, in the past BOC oficials, including Repubs, have always been glad to have a reval. But in recent years, they have put it off. They might lose some of their huge revenues, and these hypocrites of both parties don't want that probablitiy, do they? So they just arbitrarily don't call for a reval.

Not to mention being involved in many unnecessary wars and "police actions" which has costs this nation far, far too much in blood, lives, premanently maimed young people, money, etc. Many of you Repubs and neo-cons see nothing wrong with continuing our huge and costly empire worldwide. At the beginning our Founders inititated a Republic with strong checks and balances and strongly advised us to say out of other countries business, but our government has done the opposite.

We in this county, state, and country are burdened with, on the one hand, with neo-con fascists, and one the other hand, the anything-goes progressive communists. With either group, we are pushed in the same direction with the same disastrous results.

Both these traitorous groups are pursuing the same agenda: total control amd riches for a few at the top with poverty, slavery, destruction, and death for the majority.

Guy, I've seen in my 60+ years too many times, the so-called conservatives and Repubs give in to the prgressives and Dems. And over the last three decades, I finally figured out why--they are in cahoots.

inquiring mind said...

Ben Franklin paid a visit and he reminded us of one of his famous quotes:

"Madam it is Republic, if you can hold onto to it."

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

The Tea-Party is the lamb. Anyone want to guess who the wolves are?

NewGuy said...

I had a busy Saturday....was not able to get to the rally until around 1pm and had to leave after about an hour due to another commitment we had made elsewhere.

When we got to the rally we had to drive around a few times in order to find a parking place within reasonable distance to the Walker Center auditorium. There were several other cars doing the same thing but there were also people leaving at about the same rate as those coming in - so after a few turns around the lot, I found a newly vacated space and parked.

The Walker Auditorium has an outer lobby (where most of the pictures were taken) which was ringed with tables of various groups and vendors distributing their materials. I ran into several people I know, some of whom are active in the Boone Tea Party, several local Republicans and a few moderates of my acquaintance -.

I don't have the ability of "anonymous" to determine which of the attendees were "real tea partiers", but I feel pretty confidant that most people that were there hold political opinions similar to those of the organizers.

When I got there, the auditorium itself was about 1/2 full, the lobby was fairly crowded and a group of about 30-40 was seated around a projection screen set up in the lobby which was showing the speakers from within the auditorium. From what I was told, attendance had been pretty steady throughout the day with people coming and going all the time. I took a quick 'head count' and counted appx 350 people in the auditorium and 100 or so in the outer lobby and was told that the numbers had been pretty much consistent all day with people arriving at about the same rate as people were leaving. I'm not sure if there are any official estimates of the total number of people who attended throughout the day but, from what I saw, the organizers must feel that the event was successful.

I'm sorry I didn't have more time to spend there - I would have liked to be able to report on the various speakers.

Perhaps Inquiring Mind or someone else who was there could fill in some of the missing pieces?

inquiring mind said...

The Tea-Party had only one allowed one politician speak and that was US Rep Virginia Fox who was asked to make opening remarks.

We say Commissioner David Blust, Representative Jonathan Jordan, Senator Dan Soucek and Supreme Court Justice (NC) Newby. They were there mingling with the people, answering questions and listening to concerns. They were never caught standing around with their hands in their pockets.

Jeremiah Farmer, a 2011 graduate of Watauga High School was there. He, Spencer Hodges and Isaac Hodges were broadcasting live from the Tea-Party on the Jeremiah Farmer Radio Hour. They had made up tee-shirts for the occasion. The best tee-shirt award goes to this young group of conservatives. For more information:

Another excellent group of young people were there who go by the name Generation Excellent. For more go to:

And, it was great to see Supreme Court Justice Newby. We are blessed to have him serving on our state supreme court.

Our local tea-party members who were faithful to help with the campaign against the sales tax increase were there. And, the faithful Ashe County Tea-Partiers were there. A big thank you to those who helped set up and organize the event.

The auditorium was an excellent venue. The speakers were piped to a big screen in the lobby area so the workers and presenters were able to view the speakers.

We were there all day and it looked like that people were coming and going throughout the event.

John Locke Foundation, John Birch Society, Fair-Tax, Americans for Prosperity, and the Civitas were among the "venders".

This was a very professional event. Again, thank you to all of the Tea-Partiers who made this happen.

inquiring mind said...

It would be hard to say exactly how many people attended because they were coming and going. Like New Guy, we had a hard time finding parking. And, we left for lunch and when we returned, it was even more difficult to find parking.

I believe it was the John Birch Society that was distributing an excellent piece on the voting record of our elected officials with regard to the US Constitution. Rep. Virginia Foxx is in the hot seat for funding the United Nations. This seemed to be the buzz around the event hall. Rep. Foxx might want to address this situation.

NewGuy said...

Good Posts, IM.

Thank you!

inquiring mind said...

After Jeremiah Farmer spoke, there was quite a buzz around the hall; we are sure that hearing this young man lifted the spirits of the older generation. This gives us the hope that we do have some young conservatives ready to take the baton.

We encourage you to go his website. And, if you like what you hear, donate! These young men are doing what I call - giving out of poverty!

NewGuy said...

Article in Wilkes paper....

inquiring mind said...

Thanks New Guy for the link. This quote is telling:

"Dr. Greg Brannon of the Founders Truth organization, said, "Our government is the antithesis of liberty. The Declaration of Independence is a page and a half long. The Constitution is seven pages in length. The IRS code is 7.5 million words. That's too much big government.""

The Fair Tax would take care of that 7.5 million words and thousands of pages.

inquiring mind said...

We heard tonight, from one of the organizers, that there may have been as many as 1,000 attendees (while there may have been an estimated 600 in the auditorium at one time; people were coming and going all through the event).

Anonymous said...

IM--that estimate is much more like the real figure.

The media is always downsizing and denigrating events like this.

guy faulkes said...

Anonymous, I have thought about your comments and while you might have some valid points about SOME Republicans, most of what you say does not apply to MOST Republicans.

For instance, the sales tax that Mr. Deal proposed by saying it was for the recreation center was proposed by the previous commission (all Democrats) and defeated by referendum. The tax increase discussed by this commission (Republican majority) was to be mandated for paying down the debt, but did not make it to referendum after public outcry about its being hijacked by self serving teachers. The Republican commissioners killed it.

Your lack of understanding about the war on terror and national defense is quite telling. This seems to put you in the Pollyanna wing of the Libertarian party.

What is your reason to beleive that the commissioners did not read the Farm bill. I remember little about it, but that does not mean the commissioners didn't know what they were voting on. Which set of commissioners endorsed this or are you speaking about Republicans as a whole. If the latter is the case, you are foolish as there are liberal Republicans (especially the establishment types), just as there are conservative Democrats.

You did not give me a definition for a real tea partier. I anxiously await it.

The Tea Party is not a Republican organization. You really need to understand that fact as you define it for me.

inquiring mind said...

I must say something here.

1) The Republican Party was split on the sales tax referendum that Deal proposed. In fact, it was discovered after the sales tax was defeated that 50 signs purchased by the Repulican Party and 25 purchased by COST were hidden in a closet in the back of headquarters.

2)The Commissioners admitted to not reading the Plan. In fact one of them told me that he didn't really care. The problem here was that the 3 new commissioners first relied on staff who told them that there had been a public hearing and no participation. So, the 3 new commissioners chose not to have another public hearing (big mistake; they voted on something that the previous board had a public hearing on; they should have had their own public hearing and then they would have known what the concerns were). After they passed the plan and realized the err of their ways, they did have a public hearing. However, at that public hearing they allowed Commissioner Deal to hijack the appointment of the ad-hoc committee for reviewing and making recommendation for changes to the plan.

I agree, not all Republicans can be lumped together. However, the local Republican Party leadership as a whole has lost touch with the base.

NewGuy said...

Looks like you and I will have to disagree a little here, IM...

The local Republican party the past 2 years, gone from ZERO representation on the County Commission, the State House of Representatives and the State Senate to it's present position of a majority on the county commission, and A Republican representing Watauga in the state house and the state senate.

I would say they are pretty much in touch with their base.

Anonymous said...

New Guy, the people don't have anyone else to vote for.

The people, in truth, vote for primarily the same brand of public official and hope for better results. But it doesn't happen. And the country, state, and county, no matter who gets elected, or what is promised, the same disastrous results for the citizenry keeps occurring.

We the people are forced to choose between two corrupt traitorous wings of a de facto national political party.

But I would think that you definitely should know that by now. Moreover, I am sure that Republican and Democrat officials certainly know that.

Right, New Guy?

guy faulkes said...

Anonymous, you had a point pre TEa Party. Now Establishment types in both parties are being defeated in the primaries. Even if these people are then defeated in the general election, it is a victory because the satus quote was broken. We just need to keep it up.

I am still waiting for the definition of a real tea partier.

NewGuy said... you ever wonder why everyone seems out of step except for yourself?

Anonymous said...

New Guy, one thing for sure, you are an establishment guy. And I am sure that no one knows better than yourself whether you are out of step or not.

Guy Faulkes, in my opinion, the Tea Party was a revolt of the people who are disgusted at the corruption and treasonous arrogance towards the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the two-party system. The country has been and is in dire straits, on the verge of collapse, financially and otherwise. Government, on all levels and of both parties, has done a terrible and inexcusable job of looking after the people's best interests. To me, the Tea Party was a revolt against this same ole worsening disaster, one after another.

guy faulkes said...

I would agree with your last post except the Tea Party is not and never has been a Republican entity. You said it was.

However, it must be admitted that the majority of the Tea Party is or was Republican.

One can belong to the Tea Party while belonging to any party. All one has to do is favor a very limited government. This is the reason a successful third party is becoming more and more likely.

Anonymous said...

Guy Faulkes: One more time--my point was and is that the neo-con Repubs are trying to usurp and exploit the Tea Party.

guy faulkes said...

I do not think so. The establishment Republicans (if that is what you call a neo con Republican) fear it and vilify it, but want nothing to do with it.

What is your opinion, New Guy?

inquiring mind said...

New Guy. It is the base and not the leadership of the Republican Party for putting Dan Soucek, Jonathan Jordan, David Blust, Vince Gable and Nathan Miller in office. Make no mistake about, there are some in the Republican leadership who remain true to the core Republican values. However, for the most part, there has been a change taking place within the party toward a faction which is affectionately called "Jimmy Deal Republicans", "Country Club Republicans", "Meet, Greet and Retreat Party", "Rhinos", etc. We hear it EVERYDAY out in the County. You also hear things like - "There isn't a Republican Party anymore." Dan Soucek and Jonathan Jordan are very popular out in the County. We can't say the same for David Blust, Vince Gable and Nathan Miller. People are really upset about what they perceive as the Republican Commissioners going against their campaign promises. The Republican Commissioners did the same thing back in 2002 when they took control. And, you hear it over and over and over again - Jimmy Deal is still in control.

The Republican Leadership has turned a deaf ear to the base for years now. The base will not reward bad behavior. While some of us will vote for the lesser of 2 evils; the majority of the base just won't vote. It was so pitiful after the fiasco of 2002 and with Keith Honeycutt becoming Commissioner Deal's lapdog; the Republican Party couldn't even get a Republican to run for a commissioner seat. Blust, Honeycutt and Trivette were voted into office because people were voting against Sweeting and Wilkie. Blust, Gable and Miller were voted into office because people were voting against Deal. With the view that Deal is in control, the writing is on the wall.

Everybody wants to shoot the messenger. And, of course, the current leadership (not all; but a good many) will squeal the most at this news because a nerve has been hit.

Inquiring Mind said...

This probably deserves its own blog. However, since we are attempting to show that the local Republican Commissioners do not have a solid foot in the less government, fiscal responsible camp of the Republican Party, lets take a look at their recent decision to not take advantage of the 7.48% reduction in the cost of health insurance. The NC Association of County Commissioners dropped their health plan and this forced the County to go outside looking. Blue Cross Blue Shield came in with a package that shows (a copy in the agenda packet) a decrease in costs to the taxpayers of 7.48%. However, staff recommended that the Commissioners approve $1,000 to go into each employees Health Savings Account to offset the increase in the deductible. This resulted in an increase. (To be fair in reporting, the increase was less than what was budgeted. However, why was an increase budgeted? The State asked the State employees to share in the cost of their insurance coverage.)

The Civitas did a poll and 66% of those polled favored having government employees share in the cost of their insurance. We dare to think that many of us in the private sector that have insurance, employer provided or not, 1) share in all or part of the costs and 2) have a deductible of $2,500 or $5,000.

I challenge the decision to the Republican litmus test.

G.I.G said...

The 20Th must have been the day that usurp was the chosen word of the day on Anon's desk. Anon has used it several times today. Whats your word for tomorrow Anon so I can look forward to it?

Anonymous said...

GIG, how about 'treason'? How about 'manipulative'?

How about 'sellout', 'betrayal', or just plain ole 'incompetent' or 'spendthrift'?

Would you like more relevancy?

How about 'massive' and 'debt', as in 'millions' and 'billions' and 'trillions'?

There's plenty more applicable terms where these came from, GIG.

Anonymous said...


G.I.G said...

Anon none of those word on your calender had the bragadocious eloquence of usurp. You need a new calender.

Anonymous said...

GIG, you need to learn how to spell.

G.I.G said...

Anon for you i used a second spell checker. here is the edited version for your approval.

Anon, none of those words on your calendar had the braggadocios eloquence of usurp. You need a new calendar.

Maybe you can come give me in person spelling lessons. Thus demonstrating you intellectual and moral and physical superiority to all the readers of this blog to me in person.I am sure your bravado in person equals or exceeds what you type here.

G.I.G said...

Look everyone the class clown is back as unfunny as ever. Whats the matter LPOV get tired of posting as anonamouth ?

Sarkazein said...

Here is two complete idiots discussing something they have NO evidence what-so-ever to back up their lies.

Sarkazein said...

Here's another complete idiot who teaches children.

For the dense, I will point out that the young goof-ball is speaking to an America of Mexican heritage.

guy faulkes said...

It is a shame so many successful black actors play the race card. Danny Glover does the same thing.

However, this is consistent with liberal Hollywood which is composed of people that make a living by pretending to be something they are not.

Unlike Reagan and Heston, they have no sense of self. They do not know who they are so they are perfect liberal fodder.

Sarkazein said...

For Morgan Freeman to be right, Republicans would have never previously tried getting did of any first term Democrat President.
Obama is a failed President not because of his skin color, but for the content of his character.

Sarkazein said...

Should read above-- never had tried getting rid of... not getting did of...