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Monday, September 26, 2011

Technorati, Statistics And Things You Probably Didn't Know About THE WATAUGA CONSERVATIVE

A Few Words About "A Watauga Conservative"

 1. The months of August and September are shaping up to be the busiest in the history of  "A Watauga Conservative". Readership in August was significantly higher than the average readership and, in fact, was approximately 20% higher than any other month ever previously experienced. September is tracking very similarly to August. It is possible
that readership in September will even surpass August numbers - even though there is one less day!

2. Technorati - who tracks these things, ranks "A Watauga Conservative" in the top 1 1/2 % of all the nearly 1.3 million blogs that they track. Considering that the top slots are taken up with blogs of national note, such as the Huffington Post, Politico, Forbes, major news organization blogs, etc. etc. etc., it would seem that this little small town blog has  been pretty successful here being rated higher than 98.5% of all blogs in the blogosphere rated by Technorati!

3. The vast majority of our readership is people who are directly inputting our blog into their address block, or are finding us through Google or other search engines. Most of the searches are specifically for us...that is, people putting "watauga conservative" or something similar in their search block. We do however, also receive a fair number of viewers who were searching for a particular topic and found that we were listed on their search engine as having a post on that topic. A significant number of our viewers come to us via a link to us on other blogs or websites.

4. Surprisingly, we have quite a number of hits from international sources - Last month, over 5% of our 'audience' found us from a non US origin. Many of our hits are of course, like any other blog, likely to be spam bots looking for any blog with unrestricted comment capabilities which they can spam. On any given day we will remove between 2 and 10 "spam" messages....oftentimes in foreign languages.

5. 61% of  last month's viewers used a Windows operating system; 27% Macintosh, 2% l\Linux. Most of the rest reached us from their Blackberries, I-Phones, I-Pads, or other mobile devices.

Our comments are down slightly (since we started removing the worst of the "troll posts"- sometimes numbering over 50 in a day) but, our readership is the highest it has ever been and we think the blog is improved!



Blogger said...

Liberal POV, sometime ago you told me that if I ever respectfully asked you to stop posting on this blog, you would honor my request and cease commenting. So now I am taking you up on that offer and asking you from here on, please move to another blog.

guy faulkes said...

I was once asked why I did not have a blog. I have never been interested in being second best at anything, which is first loser. I could never compete with this blog.

I wish to offer my congratulations to the administrators, particularly Blogger for a forum that allows people of dissenting opinions to have an adult discussion.

Johnny Rico said...

Good job Blogger; first on giving it to the liberal socialist sheep (notice lower case) and for having a top notch blog. Now that the trash has left the room, I believe even more folks will come to comment on the varied and wide ranging subjects.

Johnny Rico

NewGuy said...

Just a quick update here....Our September numbers - as of 3PM, are already higher than last months 31 day total. September now has the highest viewership of any month since Blogger started this blog!

And, we still have several hours to go before the month ends!

Thanks again to all the commenters and the regulars!

inquiring mind said...


Now, for the continuing saga of the Board of Education and County Financials. The Local Government Commission is investigating and the first response to one of many many many our issues has been resolved.

The LGC contacted the County auditors who contacted the County's Finance Director last Friday to have them reverse the booking of Mabel School as an asset. That is minus $4.5 million. The County booked the asset and the auditor's rubber-stamped it, despite the LGC Financial Reporting Policy Manual and numerous communications on the subject provide that the asset is to be booked with the Board of Education (asset deeded to County because of type of construction financing and BOE hold capital lease).

Haven't heard from the BOE as to how their issues are coming along.

Don't expect the audits to be on schedule this year.

inquiring mind said...

Can we start a new blog to follow the BOE and County mandated Local Government Changes to the audited financial statements?

The County Manager, County Finance Director and Chair of the Commissioners met we me yesterday. Several things were brought to there attention and some interesting information surfaced. 1) The County says that they can't afford an annual inventory. We think that they can't afford not to conduct annual inventory. They didn't know that 4 of the 5 trailers that they owned had been sold.

2) The County is paying the insurances for the new high school while the lease calls for the Board of Education pay the insurances. We wonder if they are both paying the insurances? One thing for sure, they both could afford to spend the time to read their agreements; they spent pretty penny on attorney fees. Maybe this is an indication of why the new high school construction is so deplorable; neither of the entities read their Agency Agreement and hired a non-licensed individual to oversee the project. Pay $50,000 to oversee and $87 million project. We figure that was probably deliberate and stems from that ole County philosophy of appointments that go like this: "Lets appoint someone that we can control, a figure head so to speak."