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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who Won The Debate?

Probably most likely Republican voters saw the candidate they most support as the winner of last night's debate.......If you want to objectively review who came out ahead, the best way might be to look at who is being attacked the most on the Liberal sites this morning....

Look to DNC Chair Debborah Wasserman Shultz for an indication of who Dems currently
fear the most:

If you’re a middle class family looking for opportunity the GOP field once again offered no solutions tonight,” Wasserman Schultz said. “On issue after issue, Tea Party beliefs are taking hold of the Republican Party as they continually put the well-being of corporations, big oil, and special interests ahead of middle class Americans,” said her statement, which mentioned only Romney and Perry"

Two debate highlights for me were Newt Gingrich's push back on Brian Williams pointing out Williams efforts to create dissension and I also liked the audience response  to Williams' snarky question about the Texas Death Penalty. The audience applauded the Texas death penalty numbers - which seemed to surprise Liberal Williams who probably hasn't had much exposure to conservative opinions.
Perry's response by the way, pretty clearly made the point that .."If you kill someone in Texas, 
We kill you back!" (Ron White bit).

Debates, at this point in the election cycle, aren't very predictive of eventual outcomes in the primary elections. But, they are useful for culling out  a few of the fringe candidates.


NewGuy said...

William's asks Perry...."How do you sleep at night"....
Perry should have asked him "How can you pretend to be an objective journalist?"

Blogger said...

I believe Bachmann finished herself off in the debate. Perry came through it well but he has to clean up his communication on Social Security, or he is dead in the water. Even though he is being courageous in telling people the truth, he is making a big mistake when he says “The American people know Social Security is a failure.” They don’t know because Democrats have been successfully hiding the real story, plus it is a lifeline for many people. He has to learn to first educate them; he must explain what he means by a Ponzi scheme (which it is) and he has to give a complete plan of what he would do to save it. Finally, he should go easy on publically attacking some key Republicans over this such as Rove and Cheney. Also, he needs to remember that Florida comes up early in the primaries.

Romney looked good. He could easily beat Obama with one hand tied behind him. However, he still has to make it past South Carolina as a Mormon. For the rest, it is over. Huntsman came across prissy. Cain is out of his league. Nobody wanted to hear about social conservatism, so Santorum wasn’t even asked questions. Gingrich is always fun but he can forget it and the same with Ron Paul.

guy faulkes said...

The reason Romney will have a hard time beating Obama is that he is a liberal and many conservative such as me will not vote at all in the presidential election or vote third party if Romney gets the nomination.

Romney will not easily beat Obama.

Sarkazein said...

I still say-- It won't be Obama in the 2012 election.

guy faulkes said...

Sark, you may be correct. Th link you gave in the Fast and Furious thread is another major nail in Obama's political coffin as this scandal is exposed.

Until this came up, I thought it would be his ties to ACORN that would be his undoing. They have taken a back seat.

guy faulkes said...

Sark, the scandals keep on coming. I think Fast and Furious will be the one that does Obama in, but this one is interesting.