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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From an Obama Critic. Guess Who

Can you guess who is saying the following: “look at the make-up of Obama’s stimulus program," "roughly half of it went to state and local municipalities, which is in effect to the municipal unions which are at the core of the Democratic Party." He adds
that "the Republicans understood this and it diminished the chances for bipartisan legislating.”

Then there was health-care reform: "Eighty percent of the country wanted them to get costs under control, not to extend the coverage. They used all their political capital to extend the coverage.”

“If the president wanted to get a jobs plan enacted, he didn't begin with private bipartisan discussions with House and Senate leaders Instead he gave another address to a joint session of Congress.” "Even if you want to do this to revive your support in the base, to revive your credibility on the issues of the economy and jobs, which has fallen off the table, this isn't going to accomplish it. Another speech from this guy? The country knows this is just another speech. They understand it almost instantaneously, and his numbers have continued to go down for that reason. What the country wanted was some way of coming up with a solution."

The person who is saying this is the billionaire Morton Zuckerman one of Obama’s big supporters. The Exasperation of the Democratic Billionaire, Wall Street Journal October 15, 2011
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