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Saturday, October 8, 2011

New River Behavioral Healthcare Provider Responds

Sometimes a well written comment gets overlooked in the comment section.  When that happens we often move it up front so that it can be seen.  The following response is from a local provider:

"I feel compelled to state that New River employees have not received a raise in four years, pay over $200 per month for individual health care with a several thousand dollar deductible, and have seen
colleagues leave the mountains for sizable raises. We have chosen to stay here, raise our families, meet the needs of our most vulnerable citizenry, and for that some of us will lose our homes, our cars, our careers, and do not even know if we will get paid for the honest work we have done. We had no idea of the status of our agency, learned of it from a series of emails, and are as traumatized as some of the people we serve.

We work 24 hours a day 7 days a week with the schools, law enforcement, the hospitals, jails, the shelters and each and every citizen who requests our services, some of whom are suicidal or homicidal. We pay taxes, are consumers of local goods, go to church here, have children in school here, and love our mountain home. None of the staff had any idea of the status of our agency; that was left to the Boards who provided our oversight while we came to work every day to support our families and to do our job, like most everyone else in our community. I do not need to defend the work of myself or my colleagues; I know we are professionals, many of whom feel that we are called to our profession. I only ask for compassion as decisions are made that will affect these counties and their citizenry for a long time to come."


NewGuy said...

Hopefully all the fine employees of the New River Behavioral Health Care will stay employed and the transition to a new organization will be a smooth one!

Anonymous said...

Are these government employees or private employees?

Blogger said...

Anonymous asks "Are these government employees or private employees?"

If you have time, I hope you will read all the posts. Actually, they were not suppose to exist as either. However, the mountain county commissioners created a cross-breed that is neither fish nor fowl.

Now the new board is trying to figure it out and to get out from under liability for the tax payers.

The one thing they better not do is to recreate what they already had or this system will be public employees again.