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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Obama: I'm Not Telling the Story Well

In Saturday’s Wall Street Journal alone, I found the following: The oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico required environmental sign-offs from the EPA, DOT, USDA, DOI, DOE and others.

The Continental Oil Company has made an oil and gas find bigger then Prudhoe Bay Alaska which can make us energy independent from Saudi Arabia by the end of the decade.  Obama’s reaction?  When the Oil Company’s president had the opportunity to inform Obama, he replied: “Oil and gas will be important for the next few years.  But we need to go on to green . . . ”

Concurrently, the Justice Department brought charges against Continental for killing 28 non-endangered birds.  (Anyone know of charges against Obama wind turbines which kill thousands?)  Anyway, the charges carry criminal penalties and up to six months in jail.

Around the country, poor black parents are being jailed because they enrolled their children in another district’s better school.  School districts hire special investigators to follow kids home in order to verify their true residences.

In a recent interview Obama explained why things aren’t working out for him: “The irony is the reason I was in this office is because I fashioned a story to the American people.”  But “that narrative thread we just lost.”  Duh.

All of the above is just one day in the WSJ.


Jack said...

A wee bit of fact-checking:

1. The charges against Continental (and others) isn't exactly about just the birds. It's an environmental issue. Basically, during drilling operations, these companies use "reserve pits" (what they're for, exactly, I don't know). Once the well is drilled, these pits are supposed to be cleaned and covered with netting. These companies did neither. The birds were subsequently found dead in these contaminated, open pits.

2. One poor Black parent was jailed. And the charges were later lessened. Plus, there were legal avenues for the mother to transfer her son. She chose an illegal route. Rule of law, right?

Blogger said...

Jack, if you were a conservative, you would immediately get the point of my post. Fact check doesn’t get it. It’s that donkey. He is crushing the life out of this country, This was just one day in the life of the WSJ.

Jack said...

Blogger, you're right. Since I'm not an ultra-conservative, I don't understand your intentionally distorted presentation of the stories. I prefer an accurate story.

Sarkazein said...

These are the things Conservative Republican candidates need to be saying over and over. Eventually people will wake up.
Jack's comment is a perfect example of a liberal unable to face the reality of today's and perhaps tomorrow's economy. "Sure people can't afford to put gas in their cars, but some birds were not given their civil rights.
Yes we are against vouchers, we don't want people to be educated off the plantation."- A Liberal

guy faulkes said...

Yes we are against vouchers, we don't want people to be educated off the plantation."- A Libera

This is as well as I have ever seen the liberal policies of entitlement slavery described.

guy faulkes said...

I am interested int he opinions of others on this issue.

As the EPA has become a political tool instead of an environmental protection agency, do you think it should be abolished so we could start over, eliminated and the states take over it's duties, or have its funding removed until we can restructure it back to it's legitimate purpose?

I did not know whether to post this here or on the vent thread. I am sorry if you feel I chose incorrectly.