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Friday, October 7, 2011

Obama Jobs Bill...Politics as Usual

 McConnell and our own Senator Burr call the Dem bluff.

While Obama is running around blaming Republicans for not "voting NOW" on his suppossed "jobs bill", Minority leader Mitch McConnell has contiually called his bluff and asked for the bill to be put up on the Senate floor for a vote.
Dem Leader Harry Reid has refused to bring the bill forward in it's present form. Reid knows that the Obama bill is not a serious proposal but rather is a political gimmick intended to paint Republicans as obstructionist in the job creation goals of the administration. Of course not a single House Democrat has brought forth the presidents bill in the house and Harry Reid has refused to do so in the Senate. Why? Because Reid knows that numerous Democrat senators are opposed to the bill as presented by Obama and he doesn't want them to be on record with their votes when they face tough election challenges next year! He also knows that the bill will fail.

McConnell has said "Fine! Let's vote on it". Let's all go on record with where we stand here. Of course, that is not what the Dems want. They don't want a bill, they don't want a vote, they don't want a solution. All they really want is to create a political disagreement that they think will disadvantage Republicans.

It ain't working!!!

 NC Senator Richard Burr was recently quoted as follows:

"I believe the silver bullet right now, if there is one, is that we ought to radically reform our tax code, corporate and individual, we ought to do away with all of these loopholes and deductions, we ought to flatten rates, we ought to reduce the rates, we ought to bring equity into the system, we ought to make every American believe that every American pays regardless of where they are on the income scale," said Burr. He added that simplifying the tax system and making it fair for everyone will make business and consumers more confident in the economy.
Burr said Republicans are anxious to vote on the jobs package and they tried to call it up this week.  "By unanimous consent, (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid objected," said Burr.  "My understanding is Harry Reid's going to bring up an alternative jobs bill next week and it's going to be a bill that we voted on in the Senate and rejected over a year ago."

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Anonymous said...

The only job Obama is worried about is his own!