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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Remember these promises?

Compare the promises to what has happened.
Where is the transparency? Any public information disclosed about the White House meetings with Solyndra?


Sarkazein said...

Is he a bold-faced liar or did someone spike his TelePrompTer? Is he a bold-faced liar or just a naive bumpkin from Chicago who is in his first ever meeting with the real world?

Sarkazein said...

I must apologize to the Blog if I have offended any bumpkins out there. Some of my best friends are bumpkins. I should have used the word utopian.

G.I.G said...

LOL good one Sark

guy faulkes said...

Obama would climb a tree to tell a lie when he could stand on the ground and tell the truth.

Sarkazein said...

A couple earning $125,000 per year looses deductions under the Obama "Jobs" bill.
There he goes again.