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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vetting Christie Continued

Florida moving their primary up forces Chris Christie to decide by Oct.  15.  Fox News says he is still considering a run.  Therefore, I will keep the vetting going.

Friday’s Wall Street Journal has an article “As Christie Clamor Grows, His Positions Face Scrutiny.”   We will find out items such as the following:

He favors an array of gun-control
measures–including a ban on assault weapons–that are opposed by the National Rifle Association.
He appointed a superior court judge who is Muslim and defended nine eleven Muslims.   In response to his critics, Christie said: “It’s just crazy, and I’m tired of dealing with the crazies.”
As US Attorney, he prosecuted few immigration cases.  Once before a Latino group he declared “being in this country without proper documentation is not a crime.”
Although criticizing Obamacare, he did not join most Republican governors suing to overturn the law.
He came late to a pro-life position and still won’t back a bill on parental notification.

There will undoubtedly be other shoes to drop if vetting becomes necessary.


guy faulkes said...

Christie is even worse than Romney. His nomination would assure a third party run and / or an Obama victory.

Sarkazein said...

Guy Faulkes- Here is a list of the "third" parties--

America First Party 2002
American Nazi Party 1959 World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists
American Party 1969
American Populist Party 2009
American Reform Party 1997
American Third Position Party 2010
America's Independent Party 2008
Boston Tea Party 2006
Christian Liberty Party 1996 American Heritage Party
Citizens Party of the United States 2004 New American Independent Party
Conservative Party USA 2009
Constitution Party 1992 U.S. Taxpayers' Party
Communist Party of the United States of America 1919

Freedom Road Socialist Organization ( faction) 1985
Freedom Road Socialist Organization ( faction) 1985
Freedom Socialist Party 1966
Green Party of the United States 2001 Global Greens
Independence Party of America 2007
Independent American Party 1998
Jefferson Republican Party 2006
Labor Party 1996
Libertarian Party 1971
Modern Whig Party 2008
National Socialist Movement 1974
New Union Party* 1974
Objectivist Party 2008
Party for Socialism and Liberation 2004
Peace and Freedom Party 1967
Populist Party of America 2002
Progressive Labor Party 1961 Progressive Labor Movement *
Prohibition Party 1869
Raza Unida Party 1970
Reform Party of the United States of America 1995

Revolutionary Communist Party, USA 1975
Socialist Action 1983 Fourth International
Socialist Alternative 1986 Committee for a Workers' International
Socialist Equality Party 1966 Workers League International Committee of the Fourth International
Socialist Labor Party of America* 1876 Workingmen's Party
Socialist Party USA 1973
Socialist Workers Party 1938 Pathfinder tendency (unofficial)
U.S. Marxist–Leninist Organization 1981
United States Marijuana Party 2002
United States Pirate Party 2006
Unity Party of America 2004
Workers Party 2003
Workers World Party 1959
Working Families Party 1998
World Socialist Party of the United States 1916

NewGuy said...

Christie seems like a decent guy who has a good understanding that government cannont continue to spend more money than it takes in. He ran in a very liberal state on a platform that included reducing the cost of government and reducing taxes in New Jersey...the highest taxed state in the country.

He has cut the cost of government, reduced spending and brought New Jersey a certain amount of fiscal common sense.

That does not make him the perfect conservative candidate. His views on gun control, illegal aliens, and numerous other issues are not as conservative as some of the other candidates.

I am not a "one issue" voter. I think the economic/fiscal issues are critical to the country- and are probably my number one concern at this point in time - but, I am not going to be jumping on the bandwagon of anyone who wants to increase gun control legislation or provide amnesty for illegal aliens.

NewGuy said...

If Christie runs after the dozens of statements he has made that he definitely , 100%, NO, I will not run, absolutly not!....then I would have to wonder about his credibility.

I like the man...But I don't see him winning the presidential nomination this time!

guy faulkes said...

Sark, I do not believe any of these will be the third party that actually runs competitively, do you?

The people that are against gun control will not vote for Christie, period. They will not vote at all as happened with Bush the elder or for a third party candidate.

The people that are against illegal immigration might or might not vote for him, depending on who a possible third party candidate might be. This is true about many other of his liberal polices.

This is enough to elect Obama unless the third party candidate can gather enough votes to actually win. With the discontent with both parties, this is possible.

However, it is still possible for a conservative Republican to win the primary, which would make this speculation moot.

Jack said...

BREAKING NEWS: Herman Cain re-names his fishin' spot "Crackerhead".

Sarkazein said...

Perry's hunting lease was owned and named by an investment group made up mostly of Rappers and comedians.