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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why Is NPR Still Receiving Taxpayers Subsidies?

 NPR, Ethics, Politics and Taxpayer Subsidies!

From "Roll Call" Click here for full articl
So imagine our surprise when we realized the spokeswoman for October 2011, the group occupying Freedom Plaza, is Lisa Simeone, host of the radio program “Soundprint,” heard every Sunday at 11 p.m. on Washington’s public radio affiliate, WAMU. Simeone is also host of the NPR show “The World of Opera.”
When we asked Simeone about whether she was the host of “Soundprint,” she said, “Well, I work in radio still, but this is totally different.”

You have to wonder why taxpayers should be providing ANY funding to an organization with a political agenda. Can you imagine the uproar if Rush or Sean Hannity were receiving direct taxpayer subsidies while pursuing a political goal?


NewGuy said...

Article on Daily Caller too...

guy faulkes said...

Both NPR and PBS need to have all taxpayer funding cut. If they cannot make it in the free market, they do not deserve to survive.

Johnny Rico said...

NPR recieving taxpayer money is like Wall Street recieving bailouts. Where are the protestors against NPR? Any liberal socialist sheep have a good answer for this?

Johnny Rico

NewGuy said...

NPR correspondent Lisa Simeone has been fired. Apparently news of her activities was reported by a few blogs..(the, daily but not by NPR.

NPR seems to have a firm policy. If you get caught doing something that embarrasses us, we might fire you unless you're Cokie Roberts or somebody else that's too big a name to fire. It's OK though if you don't get caught and create publicity.

guy faulkes said...

Or if they might occasionally say something slightly conservatively or be seen on a conservative network. Juan Williams, for instance.