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Friday, November 4, 2011

How Can Cain Survive This?

Media Overkill of Cain

In case this gets pulled, Fox reports first three days on ABC, CBS, NBC
Ran 50 stories on the Cain story

On Clinton first three days:
Clinton/Paula Jones 3
Clinton /Willey 3
Clinton/Broddrick 3

Politico  ran 76 (90 by today) on Cain


guy faulkes said...

Possibly because no one pays much attention to the main stream media any more. Things like this have ruined their credibility.

Sarkazein said...

Mr Cain had no actual accusers like Clinton did. Mr Cain had no reputation for lechery as Clinton did. Still the Press attempts political assassination on Mr Cain.

Still the one that amazes me most is the Packwood story. He was a fanny patter and a smoocher and was drummed out of Congress. Clinton was made hero statesman of the Democrat Party for rape, molestation, and hardcore sexual harassment. It will never make sense.

NewGuy said...

Disgraceful....BUT unfortunately, not surprising!