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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Local Meeting with Speaker of the House

Office of the Speaker
Rep. Thom Tillis
Speaker of the House    ~ SAVE THE DATE ~  Speaker of the House Thom Tillis
Invites you to join him for a


Monday, November 14, 2011
5:00 pm - Town Hall  
Broyhill Inn - Broyhill Room
755 Bodenheimer Drive
Boone, NC 28607

RSVP requested ~ reply to (


NewGuy said...

Just a reminder about tonight's town hall event!

Hope we can have a good turnout!

Mike D. said...

Did anyone go to the event? Thoughts?

NewGuy said...

Mike...I went...was going to write a POST about it but I have just been swamped with other matters.

I was REALLY impressed with Thom Tillis. He opened by saying that he would answer every question asked as best he could but requested that everyone be respectful and he would answer respectfully in return....

And, that is exactly what happened. The process worked like it should. Made me proud to be a citizen and also felt pride in the young people there. Many of them had disagreements with things that the legislature had done, but they made their points respectfully and got respect in return. Tillis didn't 'pander'....he explained his positions and seemed (at least to me) to be actually interested in hearing feedback from everyone.

He did seem a little surprised about the amount of interest in ETJ issues...

One of the speakers said that they were videotaping for you tube...perhaps you can find a video of the event there if you have time. If you do...please post the link!

Mike D. said...


I was there. ;-)

I was really just curious to hear feedback from others. I read the review over on WataugaWatch. It is interesting to me that J.W.'s review of the meeting is strictly partisan political criticism. Every word of his reaction was political. Prior to this meeting, all I knew of Tillis was J.W.'s criticism from previous posts on WW. Talk about intellectual dishonesty!

Contrast J.W.'s reaction to what you wrote, and what all three of us saw. We don't need to even mention politics, because behavior, civility, and decency were what ruled the event. Mr. Tillis was respectful, above anything else. As you mentioned, he seemed genuinely interested in the concerns of the audience, and I particularly appreciated his meticulous attention to gathering information for follow-ups. I have never seen a politician do that.

Another thing that struck me was his command of the town hall format. Frequently, when these meetings descend into chaos, it is because the politician doesn't understand audience control and allows it to happen. From the moment Tillis took the stage, he commanded authority. Power is something you take. Authority is something you earn, something others grant you. Tillis didn't just ask for respect from the audience. He asked for it, then immediately began demonstrating how repect is given, by giving it to each person who stood to speak.

I loved that he didn't bother lecturing the audience on policy for 20 minutes before opening the floor to questions. He took the floor, announced the ground rules, and immediately opened the floor to questions, stopping only once, to stop the audience from applauding, announcing that cheers and boos were not allowed. How could anyone even consider booing him after he asked the crowd to stop applauding him? Masterful! There were no plants, there were no individuals who were specifically avoided, and he even stayed almost 30 minutes after the event was supposed to end because there were so many who wished to participate.

I know that J.W., at WataugaWatch, is stuck in the win-lose vicious cycle that Mr. Tillis discussed (I think Sarkazein is stuck in that same cycle, sad to say). But you could just see, if you listened to some of the left-leaning students who have been programmed with standard anti-corporation rhetoric, their voices shaking with the uncertainty of someone who is jumping on his sword for his master, that the dignity Tillis afforded them may have opened some of their eyes to what it means to be respected, not used by your elders.

NewGuy said...

Good post Mike D!\
Of course not everyone will agree with anything that any politician has to say on a particular topic. And, those with an agenda of their own will find fault with everything that he might say.

But, whether one agrees with Tillis' views or not, it is ridiculous to fault his handling of the Town Hall Meeting.

In my humble opinion, he set the standard which all town hall meetings should be measured against!

guy faulkes said...

MikeD, it is interesting that you think Sark is solely a partisan member of this blog. In m many discussions and debates with him, I have never thought this. The Wolf, Sark, Rico, and I are without doubt the most hard line conservative members of this blog, but we all have voiced different opinions from each other and the other members. This shows consistency in our opinions, not partisanship.

It is undeniable that Williamson is a partisan hack, just as you say.