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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage Opportunity Act ---- HELP NEEDED!


I recieved this in an email. I will be contacting Washington.


SCI Members:

Tomorrow, November 17th, the House Committee on Natural Resources will be voting on
H.R 2834, the Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage Opportunities Act! This
vital piece of legislation would require fishing, hunting and recreational shooting
to be included in all federal land planning documents and would fix numerous
inconsistencies in federal law that could threaten hunting in the future. This bill
has the strong support of SCI and millions of sportsmen across the country. SCI
needs your help to get this bill signed into law.

This bill is even more vital in light of the recent push by the administration to
remove sportsmen from public land! The administration is trying to close millions of
acres of public lands to recreational shooters and this would likely reduce public
land hunting opportunities throughout the west.

U.S. News article: "Obama Pushes Shooters Off Public Lands"
Please contact your congressman to urge them to support this bipartisan sportsmen's

Guy Faulkes

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