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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

VOTER ID IN NC? What does the Watauga Democrat Know That We Don't?


     "Tuesday marked the last election before the Voter Identification Law comes into play. Hodges does not anticipate that the law, which will require voters to present identification at the polls, will add a lot to her workload."

Apparently either the State Legislature overode Governor Perdue's veto of the Voter ID law and we weren't told about it...............OR the Democrat is predicting that they will do so in time for the next election?


Mike D. said...


I'm glad I was not the only one puzzled by that. I started thinking... "well, I was out at a remote campground on the far northeast coast of Maine for half of August. Maybe an override happened while I was out of town?"

Mike D. said...

"The vote on the veto override was 67-52, five short of the 72 votes needed.

All Democrats voted against the override, as well as one Republican: Skip Stam. Not because he changed his mind on the bill, but for strategic reasons.

Under House rules, any member who voted on the side of a bill that won the vote can move to reconsider the vote. Stam’s vote against the override put him on the prevailing side, and that's exactly what he did, recalling the measure and then leaving it in limbo to be reconsidered another day.

Democrats protested the move. “Don’t you agree it is time for these contentious issues to be decided and put to rest and to get to other stuff?” asked Hackney.

But Stam defended his move as “standard procedure in Washington,” and said Democrats who voted with their caucus “might think differently later.”

“It’s not settled till it’s settled right,” Stam said." article

NewGuy said...

We all make mistakes....and she is a pretty good reporter and I would cut her some slack. But, don't they have editors/fact checkers for this kind of thing?

gy faulkes said...

Thank you for the information, MikeD.