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Friday, December 2, 2011

Foxx Forum on Facebook

Virginia Foxx is holding a "facebook" town hall meeting...if you are on Facebook, participate HERE
NC-5 Congresswoman Virginia Foxx

 Of course there will be the usual number of Troll posts and inquiries from the usual bunch of anti-Foxx people but it's fun to watch them embarrass themselves ....And, it's always interesting to see how many of the Foxx attackers reside outside her District.

Ms Foxx will begin responding to the inquiries later this afternoon. So far, most of the questions have been serious and respectful.

Thank you Mrs Foxx for doing this - and thank you for the great representation you give us. Your service to the Fifth District is appreciated!


NewGuy said...

Town Hall Facebook Meeting has started

Anonymous said...

How about having a Town hall in person? What a concept!

Blogger said...

Anonymous. Do you have a problem with moving into the present century and using the new media?