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Monday, December 26, 2011

Media at its Finest

Last week was a great one for the establishment press. For days they trumpeted “Gingrich missed Virginia deadline. En mass, the pundits told us that this was prima fascia evidence of Gingrich’s poor organizational skills. Hours later we hear “Gingrich and Perry miss Virginia deadline.” Hours much later we hear “Gingrich, Perry, Bachman, Santorum, and Huntsman miss Virginia deadline.” Nothing about the other’s abilities.

Then there was the story
“Obama takes victory lap over payroll tax win. Polls show he is gaining.” He won but not for the reasons his media said. He wanted a year’s extension. Republicans in the House gave it to him. Probably in a signal from him, the Senate then gave him two months. Put between a rock and a hard place, Senate Republicans had to go along. Otherwise, Democrats were poised to tar them with being for tax breaks for the wealthy, but not for the middle class. Then the Senators hightailed it out of town.

Granted, when the House members realized they had been screwed by Chicago style politics, they should have bailed out. Unfortunately, they hesitated just long enough for Obama to demonize the Tea Party. And Obama’s press called it a great triumph for him.

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