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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

People of Faith and Obama

Wednesday, December 28, 2011  Rasmussen Reports  Opinions about President Obama are divided sharply along lines of faith and religious participation.

New Rasmussen Reports
 national telephone surveying of Likely U.S. Voters shows that the president earns a job approval rating of 58% among those who rarely or never attend church or religious services. However, among those who attend services every week or nearly every week, just 38% offer their approval. Among those who attend more than one service a week, approval is even lower at 31%.

The survey of 6,000 Likely U.S. Voters was conducted from December 12-22, 2011 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 1 percentage point with a 95% level of confidence.


Blogger said...

Prophets are picking up that 2012 is to be a rough one not only here but around the world.

guy faulkes said...

You need to get rid of the dolt again as he tries to make much ado about nothing but his own personal opinion versus the results of the poll. We all know he worships at the feet of Obama and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a way to ban Lpov's IP address?

NewGuy said...

You just have to keep in mind that he is a person of weak mind and weak will. Combined with his low moral character this combination of faults makes him helpless to stop himself.

We think that he WANTS to keep his word not to post here anymore, but the weak will and low moral character prevent him from living up to his agreement.

We try to help him to become a better person by deleting his posts as we come across them - but we have not taken him seriously enough so as to bother filing a complaint with his ISP for harassment/stalking, or whatever.

Most of his posts are deleted without being read by anyone - occasionally some will remain for an hour or so (sometimes even longer) and some readers who don't have the will power to ignore them, get sucked into a response. This is what he lives for!

I delete all his posts from an edit page which lists all posts, times posted and name of poster. I don't read the posts, I just delete based on his ID. I think Blogger probably does the same thing. It's only you poor soles who find the occasional post that hasn't yet been removed that actually read them.

As info...some days between blogger and myself, we remove 20 or so of his posts. It serves as a reminder to us not to believe whatever a liberal promises!

Apparently, they can't help themselves!