Monday, January 9, 2012

Most Important Yet on Gingrich

On Morning Joe just now, McQuaid made the most important point of all.  The establishment thinks it will be all about the economy next November and that Romney has the credentials.  But events change overnight and it may be many other things by then.  Gingrich, the real conservative has all the bases covered.  I agree.


NewGuy said...

I like Gingrich - and I feel that the chances are that either he or Romney will be our candidate.

I can live with either. I just hope they don't damage each other in the primaries!

Tomorrow is NH - and a Romney victory is expected. If Newt doesn't make a strong showing here and then again next week in SC, it is going to be a Romney candidacy.

Ron Paul will stay til the bitter end - not because he has a chance of winning, but because he has a platform that he is promoting.

Santorum, Huntsman, and Perry will likely fade into the background after January...

Romney/Rubio will be a hard ticket for Obama to beat. Gingrich has high negatives and is perceived as a higher risk candidate, but he can do the job and do it well.

I will support the Republican candidate!


guy faulkes said...

I will not if it is Romney. Nor will I support Obama. Big Surprise, huh?