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Sunday, February 12, 2012

If You Want to Run for Office

The Civitas Institute Campaign Training held last Saturday at the Daniel Boone Inn was so inspiring it made me wish I were a candidate for something.  Registration closed as we topped 60 people and attendance was the largest in the state so far.  In the midst of all the liveliness, someone asked for a show of hands of Tea Party members or affiliates.  Over 75%
of the hands shot up.   A member gleefully observed: “Remember, we died.”

There were candidates from numerous surrounding counties.  Like what is happening all over the country, some were running for their first time.

They taught us how to get started, something I had always wondered about.  For example, you announce you plan to run.  Soon requests come in for you to speak to organizations. Acquaintances contact you that they are excited and some even ask how they can help.  Friends and family start giving you money.  You are off and running!

Civitas trained us in the nuts and bolts of running or helping with political campaigns.  First, know what your campaign is about.  What is its theme.–the key issues?  (One lady running for school board was called on to spontaneously articulate her key points.  With trepidation, she did it.  Others were encouraged to start practicing. )  Be able to contrast your position with your opponent.  And, if you have a Bains Capital in your life, expect the incoming and plan for it.  Civitas Meeting

More later.

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